As probably the most exciting news to come since… my own npc, I have some awesome news to share. Ever since the Toy Box was revealed, I’ve wondered whether Blizz would be able to restore all those archaeology items we’ve destroyed over the years for room. In fact, it’s something I’ve mentioned and asked several times on Twitter but I now have a definitive answer.

Fan-bloody-tastic! …especially since you can only complete each research project once per toon.

Toybox emptyToy Box

I even started levelling my third archaeologist over the weekend just so I could fill up my virtual toy box but after completing my fourth dig, I was kind of over it. Thankfully, I can spend my time focusing on other aspects, like collecting those other rare drops (again) and with 11 pages to fill, there’s still a lot. I’m excited to think just how many of spots I’ll be able to fill just from my past archaeology projects. Luckily I did keep a few of my favourites.

Arch rares

Someone asked if this would apply to Going to Need a Bigger Bag but since those items can simply be refarmed, the answer was no.