The Time-Lost Figurine drops from Terokk (a boss you summon by doing the Skyguard quest line) in Terokkar Forest. During BC, the chain was very time consuming and needed a group to accumulate the pieces needed for the urn. However, the mini bosses are now soloable if you’re willing to put in the effort. The transformation lasts 5 minutes.

There are Arakkoa you can transform into:

time lost figurine1 Time-Lost Figurine

Skettis Soulcaller

time lost figurine feather Time-Lost Figurine

Skettis Wing Guard

time lost figurine gr Time-Lost Figurine

Skettis Talonite

Things to try

  • /Salute
  • /Roar
  • /Wave
  • /Kneel
  • /Point
  • /Laugh or Lol
time lost figurine lie Time-Lost Figurine