Gabby Goldsnap is recruiting members for the Steamwheedle Preservation Society, the archaeological branch of the Steamwheedle Cartel. As she explains:

We’re here to collect all of the artifacts, relics, antiquities and oddities that Nagrand has to offer! Currently, we’re hiring surveyors, excavators, adventurers… you name it! If you’re interested in getting your hands dirty, talk to Gazmolf Futzwangler over at Stonecrag Gorge. He’s the goblin in charge of this expedition!

Gaining Reputation

After completing a couple of simple quests in Stonecrag Gorge, head to Broken Precipice in the north. Be sure to loot any chests in the area – each will contain a Highmaul Relic and a variable number of Gorian Artifact Fragments. Mobs in the north can be farmed for even more fragments as well as a number of rare elite beasts coveted for their unique drops.

Steamwheedle Chest

Relics and artifacts may be handed into Sallee Silvercamp in the Ruins of Na’gwa for some Steamwheedle Preservation Society rep.

Sallee Silverclamp

Each item rewards a variable amount of reputation:

Seek out the following elites for an additional 500 rep after handing in their prized drops to Gazmolf Futzwangler at the Ruins of Na’gwa (located by the fork in the road, west of Lok’rath).

Steamwheedle Map

These drops are BoA and may be looted more than once – they even stack! There’s even a rare Garrison mission that rewards a Highmaul Relic.

Reputation Rewards

Two quartermasters are located in Ashran and Nagrand.




For those wondering if their Bloodsail Admiral status will affect this rep grind, TheCrafticus confirmed it won’t be an issue.

You’ll find a lot of Steamwheedle members scattered around Nagrand including this slightly crazed castaway hidden behind a waterfall.

Explorer Nozzand