In Legion, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your class order hall. For priests, that will be Netherlight Temple accessed from the first level of one of the buildings in the Horde or Alliance side of Dalaran.

Discipline Artifact

Light’s Wrath will be the primary weapon of Disc priests. You’ll be able to customise its appearance over the course of the expansion through various achievements, locating a number of tomes and progressing through the priest campaign.

Light’s Wrath slowly charges up each time you use it until it becomes Overloaded with Light. This means your next Light’s Wrath will do massive damage depending on how many people are benefiting from atonement. The buff lasts as long as you remain online unless you die before using it.

Artifact Appearances

Disc Artifacts

Light’s Wrath

  • Default appearance
  • Recover one Pillar of Creation
  • Recover Light’s Charge and bring it to the Order Hall
  • Complete the first major Order Campaign

Tomekeeper’s Spire

TomekeepersSpire Legion Discipline Priest Guide

Unlocked when you collect 12 tomes around the world.

Crest of the Redeemed

Crest of the Redeemed

Eternal Vigil

A series of PVP achievements

Chalice of Light

Ascended Watch

Ascended Watch

Hidden appearance – Unlocked through the Mage Tower Artifact Challenge,

At 102, you can pursue the other artifacts and remain in your current spec while doing so.

Holy Artifact

  1. House Call
  2. Out of the Darkness
  3. Salvation From on High
  4. Return of the Light


Calia Menethil (101) is immediately available
High Priestess Ishanah (101) is immediately available

At 103, Alonsus Faol asks you to find Zabra Hexx in Azsuna. It starts with:

  1. Whispers in the Void
  2. The Best and Brightest
  3. Murloc Mind Control
  4. An Ample Supply
  5. Problem Salver

Unlocks: Zabra Hexx (103 Shadowpriest) and Yalia Sagewhisper (103 Holy)

Requires you to run the Eye of Azshara and Halls of Valor dungeons.

Sol follower as seen in journal

Sol (103 Holy) requires you to complete 5 Order Hall missions to collect Pure Holy Light.

It starts with the quest:

  1. The Light Within
  2. Awakening the Light

Mariella Ward (110 Disc) comes from Infiltrating Our Enemies

Natalie Seline (110 Shadow) – a quest leads you to Duskwood

  1. Forgotten Shadows
  2. Into the Void

High Priest’s Lightsworn Seeker

This mount is rewarded from the quest The Sunken Vault (follow-up to The Speaker Awaits); this quest chain becomes available at the Broken Shore (Deliverance Point) once you’ve completed Breaching the Tomb (and Broken Isles Pathfinder Part 2).

“Once plentiful, only three seekers remain on Azeroth after generations of battling the corruption of the cosmos.”