Over the past few days, I’ve fished up a storm for the Draenor Angler achievement which upgrades my Fishing Shack to level 3 and starts the quest to recruit Nat Pagle as a follower. It wasn’t too bad since I only had to accumulate 100 enormous fish unique to each zone. Once that was done, I headed back to the garrison to upgrade the plot.

Bush Chicken Tentacled Hat

Special thanks to Audrena for the Bush Chicken after no luck from the dailies.

That’s when Rak’jin offersquest start Shacking Up With NatLuring Nat. Completing this will allow Nat will appear in your Garrison where you can pick up quest start Shacking Up With NatA True Draenor Angler. As a follower, he can go on missions or act as a vendor if assigned to the Shack. Note you will need rep to buy his items but if you’ve already reached ‘Best Friend’ status from MoP, you won’t have to do it again.

Here’s what you can buy:

Lucky Coins may be earned by fishing up Lunkers in any zone (provided Nat is assigned to the Shack).  Nat will reward you with a coin and 350 rep for each lunker you turn in.

I had mentioned to Navi how much I like the Tentacled Hat and she told me how many she had from fishing up the murloc in the garrison pond. Since I’d never seen it before, she invited me to her garrison so she could summon one up and even let me loot it. I’m told it can drop a coin (which I didn’t see) but was able to loot a number of other fishy things like bait, some awesomefish and another tentacled hat.

This afternoon, I noticed a hotfix to unlock the level 3 Pet Menagerie blueprint (thank you Blizz <3) so I was determined to complete the remaining 55 battles today. Let’s just say it was very boring and was sick of battling Stitches – even though I managed to solo him once with my Iron Star which was cool. It usually takes two or three pets to take him down but he happened to one-shot my pet during one attempt so here’s to the shortest match I’ve ever had.

When I was down to the last six battles, the team changed to Manos, Hanos and Fatos so I was happy to end with something different. Once I had the achievement, I celebrated by fishing up my first lunker. Nat even dropped by to say hi.

Nat visit

One coin down, forty-nine to go.

Now to wait for the dailies to reset so I can have a go at the menagerie pets. Also, a very special thanks to Lazey who sent all but one of the menagerie pets during the beta.