It’s taken some time but I managed to hit the mark for heroics today. Nagrand left me a few points short of the ilvl requirement but the epic headpiece and upgraded weapon certainly helped. Not that I’ve made myself any items to wear because I used 50 bolts of cloth to make an Elekk Plushie. Yes folks, I chose to make a battle pet over useful armour.

To be honest, I was going to wait until I had finished all the zones so I could see what upgrades I needed and the only thing letting me down are my 584 shoulders. I will probably kill the rare in Frostfire Ridge while I try some dungeons. Then again, I may get really lucky with Ephew’s Enlightened Mantle in my not-yet fully upgraded salvage yard or otherwise miraculous world drop.

On Saturday, I was able to complete the Silver (Damage) Proving Ground medal with a set of 596 gear. Sadly it took me a few attempts but I was pleasantly surprised to get Proving Yourself: Silver Healer on the first try today.

Proving Silver

Currently I have over 100x Gearspring Parts to make either the Blingtron 5000, my cloth goggles or close to three of the ENG pets. I was going to make Bling’s upgraded model over the headpiece but this will be the first time I’ve been able to make (and use) the ENG goggles for the expansion in which they were made.

My garrison is busy converting materials from the Trading Post and Lumber Mill so I’ll be able to upgrade my Barracks a final time tomorrow. I also had my first Trading Post drop in Shadowmoon Valley earlier so that was pretty exciting, especially when my auctioneer is finally up and running.

With only two treasures left to find for Grand Treasure Hunter, I headed to Shadowmoon to complete the achievement and look for more garrison resources.


While levelling my newest pet for An Awfully Big Adventure, I noticed the Elekk gets credit whether it participates in the battle or not. It was also rather fitting to get overstuffed on the tamer who uses one too.


Hopefully I can try MC very soon.