There’s been a lot of speculation on whether Fiery Friends requires both your character and followers to be 675 before you can even see the Cinder Pup mission. As someone who only has one character above this level, it’s been hard to test but there does seem to be some validity as I haven’t seen any of these missions an any of my alts. Out of my four max level alts, none are above 675 but most have more than enough followers to carry out those rare 675 missions.

Cinder Pup

Some have noted the mission popped once they bumped their character or another follower up to 675. Even so, the mission only has a chance to appear out of a possible 10 rare missions each week.

A few days ago, I attempted to get some clarification but have yet to see an official response on Twitter or any forum. Hopefully, we’ll get one soon but I’m left wondering if anyone’s seen this with a toon under 675? That would prove the mission is just rare and not character dependent.

If you’ve been lucky enough to see this, please let me know what your character level was and if you did anything to try and trigger the mission.

Edit: Upgraded an alt to ilvl 675 which not only triggered a rare 675 mission but THE MISSION I’ve been waiting for.