Over the last two days, I’ve been working on all the fun things I could add to the Toy Box. At first, the task seemed pretty overwhelming, but using the ‘Toy’ tab under your character’s profile on Wowhead made it really easy to filter what you’re missing from a profession, class or even zone. It also includes a lot of Legion items but don’t let that deter you. Some of the ‘Missing’ items are not actually missing though, and sadly, quite a few of the toys from Pandaria and Draenor were deleted ages ago for room. Oh well, seems like I have some camping to do, like that one in Frostfire Ridge.


Others like the Ash-Covered Horn and MiniZep Controller should have given credit, since I’d completed the Bigger Bag achievement and Feat of Strength years ago, but I’ll have to see how my ticket plays out. Last time, the GM just sent me the item so I’m expecting a similar result.

I just didn’t realise there’d be so many class toys and tomes which have converted many of the cosmetic and playful glyphs into spells you can learn. I’ve gone from 258 – 274 toys and I still have 4 Engineering items to make. There’s definitely been a lot of running around but I’m pretty happy with my effort so far.

In other news, I was excited to see the arrival of my first Recruit-a-Friend reward. Of course, I was doing it for the pet but I’ve coveted that rocket for so many years, I thought it was too late to get one.

I actually hesitated when I saw it in the window but the pet won out – of course!


Oh, and be sure to visit Breanni in Dalaran so you can add something new to your collection.


By the way, I’ve recorded 82 battles for Battle on the Broken Isles & Family Familiar achievements so be sure to check them out on youtube. :)