Jewelcrafters will earn lots of frequent flyer points, as you assist different NPCs. You’ll even learn how to cut your own gems with the use of a vice.

Things to note:

  • Neckpieces will have a guaranteed gem slot
  • Items can have a class specific buff on them
  • Prospecting is back and will offer a good source of common and rare gems

Prospecting Tip: the colour of your gem chips can tell you what colour the next prospected gem will be

…so if you want a specific gem, you could prospect cheap ore, and then when you see the right colour pop up, switch to prospecting better ore to get your gem. (source)





Note: Saber’s Eyes require 800 skill level and are unique.


Find Timothy Jones in the Crumbled Palace in Azsuna

  1. A Familiar Ring to It
  2. Getting the Band Back Together
  3. Knocked for a Loop
  4. Finishing Touches teaches you a Rank 1 ring design – Deep Amber Loop, Skystone Loop or Queen’s Opal Loop.

Tiffany Cartier offers:

  1. An Eye for Detail
  2. Swift Vengeance
  3. Making the Cut – Tiffany teaches you how to cut a gem – literally.

At 102, Tiffany offers the quest to find a Jabrul, a master Jewelcrafter in Val’sharah:

  1. Raising the Drogbar
  2. Bruls Before Jewels rewards a Rank 1 pendant design – Deep Amber Pendant, Skystone Pendant or Azsunite Pendant.

At 104, Tiffany offers Lapidary Lessons which teaches you the Versatile Maelstrom Sapphire design.

You can also pick up Hidden Intentions outside the jewelcrafting shop. This teaches you the Jeweled Lockpick.

At 106, you need to find Jabrul in Stormheim.

  1. Come at Me, Brul
  2. The Charge Within
  3. Mysteries of Nature: rewards the Chatterstone design
  4. Eyes of Nashal rewards either the Masterful Shadowruby, Quick Dawnlight or Deadly Eye of Prophecy.

At 108, there’s an amusing little quest chain with Jabrul looking for a creative way to enter Dalaran.

  1. Jabrul Needs You
  2. To Dalaran, With Love

Toy Box

Chatterstone – The toy gives the “Gem activated” message when first used. Using it a second time shows either “Gem deactivated” or a very rare chance to see “Perfect gem activated”. That’s it as far as I can tell.

At 110, learn how to make JewelCraft – based on the popular Bejeweled game, except you’ll be clicking battle pets and JC mounts instead of jewels (see video for entire questline).

If you’re having trouble locating the right cave in Highmountain, check out the images below.



Once you repair the Toy Box, Tiffany teaches you the recipe so you can make your own. Here’s a preview of the game:

Dungeon Quests at 110

Timothy Jones offers:

Sminx Glasseye in Suramar offers:

Rank Up

Several recipes are loot drops while others are sold by reputation vendors:

Ransa Greyfeather (Highmountain Emissary) located in Thunder Totem, Highmountain

Marin Bladewing (The Wardens Emissary) located in Wardens’ Redoubt, Azsuna

First Arcanist Thalyssra (The Nightfallen Emissary) located in Meredil, Suramar