Crysa’s Flyers is a new pet daily from the 7.1 patch. She can be found north-west of Far Watch Post in Northern Barrens (63.6, 35.8). You will need to complete Battle Pet Tamers: Kalimdor, Battle Pet Tamers: Eastern Kingdoms  (and possibly Taming Kalimdor) to unlock this daily.


Her team consists of 3 max-level epic carrion birds:

Cherry: Wild Winds, Glowing Toxin, Predatory Strike
Swoop: Thrash, Hawk Eye, Cyclone
Buzz: Reckless Strike, Preen, Lift-Off

This is an account-wide daily rewarding a Torn Pack of Pet Supplies and small chance at the Albino Buzzard. The flavour text suggests this is a rare drop indeed.

Team: Enchanted Torch, Ethereal Soul-Trader, Levelling pet


Alternate team: Chrominius, Enchanted Broom, Levelling pet
(similar to my Vesharr team from Draenor)


This is not a difficult fight so feel free to have some fun with her flying trio.