Family Exorcist requires the defeat of 9 Master Tamers in the Shadowlands with a team of all level 25 [family] pets. I certainly took my time with this one since I didn’t want to burn myself out (like other family metas). The ten family achievements are as follows:

  • Aquatic Apparitions
  • Creepy Critters
  • Eerie Elementals
  • Haunted Humanoids
  • Macabre Mechanicals
  • Beast Busters
  • Deathly Dragonkin
  • Flickering Fliers
  • Mummified Magics
  • Unholy Undead

Completing the meta rewards the Spriggan Trickster.

Spriggans are tricky foes that live in Ardenweald and torment the Night Fae. This one has decided to play the ultimate trick – joining you.

Pet Battle Addons

I don’t use many mods but these are my must-have addons for pet battling.

  • Rematch – An enhanced pet battle journal including the ability to save teams and filter pets (see video)
  • Battle Pet Breed ID – Shows breeds of all pets
  • Family Familiar Helper – To help track the achievement, I highly recommend this addon. It’s an easy way to see which families you still need to complete for any of the Family type metas. Here’s a video on how it works.

Family Exorcist Tracker

Family Exorcist Teams

For a list of all my strategies, check out the playlist on YouTube. If you find any of them helpful, pls give the video a like and leave a comment to help out the channel and other players. As always, patrons have access to all my rematch strings.

Level of Difficulty

RNG was particularly high (and frustrating) for some of these tamers. Faryl and Glitterdust – I’m looking at you. By the time I was down to my last 5 or so battles, I ended up going with a few strategies that were listed on Wowhead. At one stage, I was cycling through 3 different elemental teams for Glitterdust and 3 aquatic teams for Faryl because I’d run out of bandages some time ago. That long-ass pet heal certainly sucks without the level 2 menagerie perk from Warlords of Draenor which cuts the CD to 4min.

Battle in the Shadowlands

There’s also the basic achievement to complete 14 Pet Battle World Quests throughout the Shadowlands with a full team of level 25 pets. Rewards the Mawsworn Pet Leash.

Some of these are low-level or 2 pet levelling teams. If there’s no link it just means I only have family teams for those tamers.

Have you completed these achievements? Who was your most or least favourite?