Stratholme is the fourth Pet Battle Dungeon introduced in Patch 8.2. To get there, visit Radek Fuselock in Dazar’alor, located near Happy Holaua (Horde), or Tizzy Gearjolt in Hook Point, Boralus Harbour near Dana Pull (Alliance). Pick up Restless Dead (quest) which sends you to Sean Wilkers, standing at the side gate of Stratholme (Service Entrance, marked as Eastwall Gate on the map). He sells the following four pets:

Shrieker – 3 Cleansed Remains
Gruesome Belcher – 3 Cleansed Remains
Crypt Fiend – 2 Cleansed Remains
Ziggy – 1 Cleansed Remains

Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon

  • Stage 1 – Belchling
  • Stage 2 – Sludge Belcher
  • Stage 3 – Crypt Fiend & Wandering Phantasm
  • Stage 4 – Liz the Tormentor
  • Stage 5 – Reach Slaughter Square
  • Stage 6 – Plagued Critters
  • Stage 7 – Risen Guard
  • Stage 8 – Nefarious Terry (team 2)
    Team: Black Lamb (PB), Antoran Bile Larva (P/B), Snowshoe Rabbit (S/B)
  • Stage 9 – Control the Sludge Belcher and clear out the courtyard!
  • Stage 10 – Tommy the Cruel & Huncher
  • Final Stage – Blackmane (team 2) See video for a preview of the last boss and vendor pets.
    Team: Iron Starlette (H/P), Draenei Micro Defender, not used
    When you defeat Blackmane the first time, he comes back as an undead which is why he also has an immortal round at the end.

discarded letter location in Stratholme

Postmaster Malown

Malowned is rewarded once you’ve defeated Postmaster Malown in a pet battle. First, you need to find the Discarded Letter which can spawn in several locations including the crate where the rat gauntlet takes place (Stage 6). Then head to the abandoned mailbox before the last gate where Nefarious Terry is located. Defeating him rewards the Blackout pet. NOTE: He despawns after ~15 to 20 mins so spend your time wisely. If he does despawn, exit the scenario and try again. The letter will probably be in one of the other locations.

/way 68.92. 54.01 (Stage 1)
/way 59.71. 40.56 (Stage 1)
/way 56.92. 50.81 (Stage 1)
/way 57.79. 36.89 (Stage 6)
/way 40.24. 10.42 (Stage 10)
/way 57.65. 13.72 Bring letter here!

Ezra Grimm

Ezra Grimm is one of the most challenging fights of the expansion. He’s an optional boss that can appear after Stage 7 of the Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon. In this team, Squirky needs to live through one round of Stampede when the second pet comes in. As with all pet battles, expect RNG. Unfortunately, you will have to complete the first 6 stages of the scenario before you know if he will actually spawn or not. He can appear in either difficulty so take advantage of defeating him when you can. The battle rewards an extra Cleansed Remains – the currency needed to purchase the pets outside the dungeon.

Tiny Terrors of Stratholme – Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon (Challenge Mode)

A complete run of the Stratholme pet battle dungeon for the Tiny Terrors of Stratholme quest. I completed the normal run yesterday so wanted to see how well my teams did on a fresh run under challenge conditions.

Tiny Terrors of Stratholme rewards the Minimancer pet seen in the thumbnail. It’s still a long dungeon since I had to tweak a few of the teams but you get an idea of what to expect including the shadowy figure from previous dungeons. Quite a cool scenario with an interesting fight through the rat gauntlet and if you like abominations, you might like the vehicle we get to use clearing out the last area. As usual, the rematch strings are available to Patreon supporters.