A new expansion means new treasures to find so naturally, it’s one of the first things I look forward to as I explore the new maps. The Shadowlands Treasures are fairly evenly split between the four main zones and Korthia. There have definitely been a few tricky ones, although some of my favourites are the sassy one in Revendreth, the moth in Ardenweald and the gifts in Bastion.

Many require max level so if the chest or item required (like the Memorial Wine or pipe) isn’t where it should be, try again at 60 or might be phased with a WQ in the area. It could also be phased like the Abandoned Curios in Revendreth. I could only see it when the storyline led me to that building for The Accuser questline.

Click on each title for a video guide to each one.

Stolen Equipment - shadowlands treasures of Bastion

Treasures of Bastion

Discover the 15 hidden treasures of Bastion.

Abandoned Stockpile – contains anima and crafting materials
Windsmith’s Tools – contains the Ascended Flute (requires Broken Kyrian Flute)
Experimental Construct Part – has a small chance to contain the Re-Powered Golliath Fists but is now listed as a world drop including other chests in Bastion (requires Unstable Construct Anima)
Gift of Agthia – contains the Unearthly Chime (requires Proof of Courage)
Gift of Chyrus – contains the Bondable Val’kyr Diadem toy (requires Proof of Humility)
Gift of Devos – contains the Benevolent Gong (requires Proof of Loyalty)
Gift of Thenios – contains the Harmonious Sigil of the Archon and anima (requires Proof of Wisdom) Note you must be Kyrian to receive the reward. If you’re another covenant, the transmog should be unlocked in your Appearance tab.
Gift of Vesiphone – contains the White Vulpin pet (requires Proof of Purity)
Larion Tamer’s Harness – contains the Larion Tamer’s Harness
Lost Disciple’s Notes – contains the pickup quest
Memorial Offerings – contains anima and crafting reagents (requires Memorial Offering Key)
Purifying Draught – contains the Purifying Draught
Scroll of Aeons – contains the Scroll of Aeons
Stolen Equipmentcontains the Fallen Disciple’s Cloak
Vesper of Virtues – contains the Kyrian Bell

Penitence of Purity – Kyrian Treasure (Purity’s Pinnacle)

Shard Labor

There’s also an achievement to find all of the lost anima crystal shards in Bastion. The achievement was tied to the Gift of the Silver Wind which rewards the Silverwind Larion (on the beta it required the Crystal Mallet of Heralds from the Shard Labor achievement).

dodger pet - shadowlands treasures

Treasures of Ardenweald

Discover the 15 hidden treasures of Ardenweald.

Aerto’s Body – contains the Gorm Harrier pet
Cache of the Moon – contains the Wildseed Cradle mount (locate and return Twinklestar’s Tools)
Cache of the Night – contains the Starry Dreamfoal pet (requires the Fae Dreamcatcher)
Darkreach Supplies – chance to contain the Darkreach Mask or a random green
Desiccated Moth – rewards the Amber Glitterwing pet (requires Aromatic Flowers)
Dreamsong Heart – contains the Dreamsong Warglaive
Elusive Faerie Cache – contains the Dreamsong Saber (requires the Faerie Lamp)
Enchanted Dreamcatcher – contains the Anima-Laden Dreamcatcher (pickup quest)
Faerie Trove – contains the Shimmerbough Hoarder
Hearty Dragon Plume – contains the Hearty Dragon Plume
Harmonic Chest – contains the Songwood Stem (off-hand) and Fae Harp toy (requires 2 people to play both instruments)
Lost Satchel – contains the pickup quest Satchel of Culexwood
Playful Vulpin Befriended – rewards the Dodger pet (see above) requires 5 interactions
Swollen Anima Seed – contains the Swollen Anima Seed (pickup quest)
Veilwing Egg – contains the Cloudfeather Fledgling pet

Large Lunarlight Pod – Night Fae Treasure (Glitterfall Basin)

Ornate Bone Shield - shadowlands treasures

Treasures of Maldraxxus

Discover the 13 hidden treasures of Maldraxxus.

Chest of Eyes – contains the Sp-eye-glass
Glutharn’s Stash – kill the 2 mobs guarding the chest
Forgotten Momentos – contains some anima and junk
Halis’s Lunch Pail – contains Tasty Toes, Finger Food and strong alcohol
Kyrian Keepsake – contains the Kyrian Keepsake
Misplaced Supplies – contains miscellaneous junk
Necro Tome – contains The Necronom-i-nom toy
Ornate Bone Shield – contains the Hauk’s Battle-Scarred Bulwark
Plaguefallen Chest – contains the Reanimated Plague pet (requires Plaguefallen debuff and level 60)
Ritualist’s Cache – rewards Page 76 of the Necronom-i-nom (requires the Ritualist’s Knowledge buff)
Runespeaker’s Trove contains Stained Bonefused Mantle (requires the Runespeaker’s Key)
Stolen Jar – contains Reclaimed Vessel (pickup quest)
Vat of Conspicuous Slime – contains the Phial of Ravenous Slime toy

Chosen Runecoffer – Necrolord Treasure (House of the Chosen)

Harvester of Sorrow

The Sword of Oonar was later removed from the Treasures of Maldraxxus achievement. Probably because it already has its own achievement. Looting the sword rewards Sorrowbane, a recoloured version of Armageddon. You’ll need some buffs and the WQ A Few Bumps Along the Way before you can loot it. (see video)

Pus-in-Boots - Maldraxxus achievement Nine Afterlives

Nine Afterlives

A treasure hunt for jelly cat lovers. For a guide, check out my video.

stylish black parasol - shadowlands treasures in Revendreth

Treasures of Revendreth

Discover the 16 hidden treasures of Revendreth.

Abandoned Curios – rewards the Ornate Belt Buckle (requires 5x Infused Rubies for the repair kit)
Chest of Envious Dreams – rewards the Mirror of Envious Dreams (transmog toy that gives you the appearance of your Tier 3 or 6 sets)
Filcher’s Prize – contains anima and temporary buff
Gilded Plum Chest – contains the Tantalizingly Large Golden Plum.
Lost Quill – rewards the Lost Quill pet (requires Refilling Inkwell)
Makeshift Muckpool – contains the Muckpool Cookpot toy (requires 30x Infused Rubies)
Rapier of the Fearless rewards the Rapier of the Fearless
Remlate’s Hidden Cache – anima and a random green
Fleeing Soul’s Bundle – anima and vendor trash
Forbidden Chamber – rewards the Stonewrought Sentry toy
Smuggled Cache – pickup quest Parasol Components rewards 35x Infused Rubies (Don’t hand this in if you are close to the 100 cap. They are kind of annoying to farm due to the crappy drop rate.) I suggest spending them on the Makeshift Muckpool above.
Stylish Parasol – rewards the Stylish Black Parasol toy
Taskmaster’s Trove – rewards the Bondable Sinstone
The Count – rewards The Count pet (requires 99 Infused Rubies)
Vrytha’s Dredglaive – rewards Vyrtha’s Dredglaive
Wayfarer’s Abandoned Spoils – contains anima and crafting reagents

Greater Greedstone – Venthyr Treasure (Crypt of the Forgotten)
Venthyr Broken Mirrors (Group 1) – chance to loot some transmog, pet and mount (requires Tier 3 of the Mirror Network)
Venthyr Broken Mirrors (Group 2)
Venthyr Broken Mirrors (Group 3)
Venthyr Broken Mirrors (Group 4)

Sinrunner Blanchy

Dead Blanchy requires you to nurse her over six days before she allows you to add her to your collection. You can pick the oats up once you’re level 55.

Treasures From Callings

Repeatable treasures are tied to callings like A Call to Revendreth. Most of these can appear in different locations within the zone (even on the same day). For my complete list of over 150 treasures, check out my Shadowlands Treasures playlist on YouTube.

Treasures of Korthia

Discover the hidden treasures of Korthia and Desmotaeron.

Glittering Nest Material – contains Korthian Armaments
Lost Memento – contains the Lost Memento
Anima Laden Egg – contains 250 stored anima item
Helsworn Chest – contains the Iron Maiden’s Toolkit and Stygic Cluster
Infested Vestige – contains the Abandoned Broker Satchel
Forgotten Feather – contains the Forgotten Feather toy
Dislodged Nest – drops the Silver Shardhide Whistle toy
Displaced Relic – contains the Displaced Relic (Korthian relic)
Jeweled Heart – contains the Jeweled Heart of Ezekiel
Offering Box – contains the Offering Kit Maker toy

Zovaal’s Vault – additional treasure in The Maw