Shadowlands Treasures

A new expansion means new treasures so naturally, it’s one of the first things I look forward to as I explore the new zones. There have definitely been a few tricky ones, although some of my favourites are the amusing sassy ones like the one in Revendreth, the moth in Ardenweald and the gifts in Bastion. Click on each title for a guide or location to each one.

Treasures of Bastion

Discover the 16 hidden treasures of Bastion.

Stolen Equipment

Stolen Equipment

Abandoned Stockpile
Broken Flute – contains the Ascended Flute (requires Broken Kyrian Flute)
Experimental Construct Part – contains the Re-Powered Golliath Fists (requires Unstable Construct Anima)
Gift of Agthia – contains the Unearthly Chime (requires Proof of Courage)
Gift of Chyrus (requires Proof of Humility)
Gift of Devos – contains the Benevolent Gong (requires Proof of Loyalty)
Gift of Thenios – requires Proof of Wisdom
Gift of Vesiphone – contains the White Vulpin pet (requires Proof of Purity)
Larion Tamer’s Harness – contains the Larion Tamer’s Harness
Lost Disciple’s Notes – contains the pickup quest
Memorial Offering – requires Memorial Offering Key
Purifying Draught – contains the Purifying Draught
Scroll of Aeons – contains the Scroll of Aeons
Stolen Equipmentcontains the Fallen Disciple’s Cloak
Vesper of Virtues – contains the Kyrian Bell
Vesper of the Silver Wind – rewards the Silverwind Larion (requires Crystal Mallet of Heralds and the Shard Labor achievement)

Treasures of Ardenweald

Discover the 15 hidden treasures of Ardenweald.

Aerto’s Body – contains the Gorm Harrier pet
Cache of the Moon – contains the Wildseed Cradle mount (locate and return Twinklestar’s Tools)
Cache of the Night – contains the Starry Dreamfoal pet (requires the Fae Dreamcatcher)
Darkreach Supplies
Desiccated Moth – rewards the Amber Glitterwing pet (requires Aromatic Flowers)
Dreamsong Heart – contains the Dreamsong Warglaive
Elusive Faerie Cache – contains the Dreamsong Saber (requires the Faerie Lamp)
Enchanted Dreamcatcher – contains the Anima-Laden Dreamcatcher (pickup quest)
Faerie Trove – contains the Shimmerbough Hoarder
Hearty Dragon Plume – contains the Hearty Dragon Plume
Harmonic Chest – requires 2 people to unlock
Lost Satchel – contains the pickup quest Satchel of Culexwood
Playful Vulpin Befriended – rewards the Dodger pet (requires 5 interactions)
Swollen Anima Seed – contains the Swollen Anima Seed (pickup quest)
Veilwing Egg – contains the Downfeather Ragewing pet

Treasures of Maldraxxus

Discover the 14 hidden treasures of Maldraxxus.

Ornate Bone Shield

Ornate Bone Shield

Chest of Eyes – contains the Sp-eye-glass
Glutharn’s Stash
Forgotten Momentos
Halis’s Lunch Pail
Kyrian Keepsake – contains the Kyrian Keepsake
Misplaced Supplies
Necro Tome – contains The Necronom-i-nom toy
Ornate Bone Shield – contains the Hauk’s Battle-Scarred Bulwark
Plaguefallen Chest – contains the Reanimated Plague pet (requires Plaguefallen debuff)
Ritualist’s Cache – rewards Page 76 of the Necronom-i-nom (requires the Ritualist’s Knowledge buff)
Runespeaker’s Trove contains Stained Bonefused Mantle (requires the Runespeaker’s Key)
Stolen Jar – contains Reclaimed Vessel (pickup quest)
Sword of Oonar – rewards Sorrowbane (requires some buffs and the WQ A Few Bumps Along the Way)
Vat of Conspicuous Slime – contains the Phial of Ravenous Slime toy

While you’re in Maldraxxus, why not find and pet all of the kittens in the zone for the Nine Afterlives achievement. A treasure hunt for jelly cat lovers. For a guide, check out my video.



Treasures of Revendreth

Discover the 9 hidden treasures of Revendreth.

Dead Blanchy

Blanchy Assisted – only need to feed her the oats for credit
Lost Quill – rewards the Lost Quill pet (requires Refilling Inkwell)
Makeshift Muckpool – contains the Muckpool Cookpot toy (requires 30 Infused Rubies)
Rapier of the Fearless rewards the Rapier of the Fearless 
Secret Chamber
Stylish Parasol – rewards the Stylish Black Parasol toy
Taskmaster’s Trove
The Count – rewards The Count pet (requires 99 Infused Rubies)
Vrytha’s Dredglaive – rewards Vyrtha’s Dredglaive

Interact with her 6 times to get the mount

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