There are over 100 new pets to collect including the Anima Wyrmling from the Epic Edition of Shadowlands. I’m excited to see so many new models and look forward to collecting all the Shadowlands battle pets.anima wyrmling Shadowlands Battle Pets

In some exciting news, there will be no new pet currency this expansion. Whoo-hoo! Guess I should probably start doing some WQs again because I’m only completing the odd pet mission. To read up on the changes to pet mechanics, new abilities and nerfs, check out the article. You will need 3,000 Polished Pet Charms to purchase the Shadowlands pets.Putrid Geist

Keep an eye out for the Putrid Geist which will come from the Scourge Invasion in Northrend towards the end of the pre-patch. It will cost 20 Argent Commendations to purchase.

There will be at least one battle pet for each covenant but the pet(s) will only be usable by that covenant. It’s also been reported that one pet “eats up slime pools and gets you items” when brought out in Maldraxxus.


Once you’ve joined your chosen Covenant, you’ll be able to begin undertaking Adventures from the dedicated table within your Sanctum. Through the interface, you’ll be able to view available Adventures, the associated rewards, the cost to undertake them, the state of your units, and how challenging the enemies are within that Adventure. You’ll want to choose a solid mix from your Adventurers, Soulbinds, and troops to create a party of up to 5 units to deal with the various threats.

Devouring Animite
Pernicious Bonetusk
Runelight Leaper
Spirited Skyfoal


Amber Glitterwing
Amber Glitterwing – drops from the Desiccated Moth (see video)
Chirpy Valeshrieker – drops from Old Ardeite (see video)
Cloudfeather Fledgling – looted from Ancient Cloudfeather Egg (see video)
Decay Grub – pet battle
Dodger – rewarded from the Playful Vulpin (see video)

Floofa – 250 Polished Pet Charms – The Wild Hunt (Friendly)
Fun Guss, Fuzzy Shimmermoth & Sir Reginald – Cortinarius
Gorm Harrier – looted from Aerto’s body (see video)
Gorm Needler – drops from Deifir the Untamed
Gorm Rootstinger
Hungry Burrower – Wild Hunt Supplies
Lavender Nibbler – drops from Gormbore

Leafadore Shadowlands Battle Pets
Leafadore – Master Clerk Salorn

Gloober Shadowlands Battle Pets
Gloober, as G’huun – Master Clerk Salorn
Misty Leaper – pet battle
Renny – Renny the Vulpin quest
Rocky – drops from Macabre
Shimmerbough Hoarder – Faerie Trove (see video)
Spinemaw Gormling – drops from Tred’ova (Mists of Tirna Scithe dungeon)
Star Moth (pet battle) The wings of this moth glitter like the starry skies above Ardenweald.
Starry Dreamfoal – Cache of the Night (see video)
Stemmins – Spindlenose
Tranquil Wader – pet battle
Trootie – Heart of the Forest (Renown Level 27)
Verdant Kit (pet battle) Raised in the verdant groves of Ardenweald, these kits are infused with the essence of rebirth.
Willowbreeze – Master Clerk Salorn


ruffle bastion renown pet
Ruffle – 250 Polished Pet Charms – Renown Level 20
Copperfur Kit
Courage – drop from Courage
Devoured Wader
Fledgling Teroclaw
Fluttering Glimmerfly
Gilded Wader
Glimmerpool Hatchling
Golden Cloudfeather – drops from the Cloudfeather Guardian (kill Anima-Starved Cloudfeathers to spawn rare – WQ: Allay Their Fears)
Goldenpaw Kit -1,765G from Quartermaster in Hero’s Rest (Revered)
Grubby – Quest: A New Age
Helpful Glimmerfly – Quest: How to Catch a Glimmerfly
Indigo – Path of Ascension (Covenant Feature)
Larion Pouncer – drop from Lerionrider Orstus
Lost Featherling – drop in Bastion
PHA7-YNX– Engineering 100 (The Ascended – Exalted)
Purity – Gift of Vesiphone (see video)
Rustfur KitWhat does the Vulpin say? This question has perplexed people for ages.
Silvershell Snapper – Stewart’s Stewpendous Stew
Steward Featherling – purchased from Zeleskos (vendor)
Vibrant Glimmerfly
Wader Chick – If you mat the feathers of a silver crane down very carefully, it almost forms a mirror-like surface with brilliant reflections.
Wild EtherwyrmThese flying creatures do not leave feathers out in the wild. If a feather happens to ever detach from their body, the feather glows brilliantly for a moment and then vanishes from sight.


Backbone – requires 5 Malleable Flesh and the Sanctum Upgrade – Abominable Stitching (Soul Survivors questline – Tier 4)
Mu’dud – Abomination Stitching (Soul Survivors questline – Tier 5)
Animated Cruor – pet battle
Bleak Skitterer – pet battle

BloodlouseLarva Shadowlands Battle Pets
Bloodlouse Larva – chance to loot from the Strange Growth treasure (see video)
Boneweave Hatchling – drop from Sister Chelicerae
Bubbling Pustule – looted from the Slime-Coated Crate
Carpal – looted from the Skeletal Hand Fragments
Clutch – pet battle
Crawbat – pet battle “For a pet that’s all mouth, where does anything it eats go? Maldraxxus necromancers have dissected many of these pets, and have no answers.”
Corpselouse Larva & Feasting Larva – drop from Smorgas the Feaster, The Stabbing Wastes
Foulwing Buzzer – drop from Revenomous
Invertebrate Oil – drop from Oily Invertebrate

Reanimated Plague
Iridescent Ooze – Plaguefallen Chest (see video) Sadly, the ooze no longer looks like the above model, just an ordinary run-of-the-mill blob but comes in 3 colours – green, purple and red.

jiggles slime cat
Jiggles – 1,500 Reservoir Anima (Renown Level 27)
Luminous Webspinner – Cache of Eyes – gather
Necroray Spawnling – pet battle

Oonar's Arm pet
Oonar’s Arm – gather (see video)

bloof elf standing next to the plagueborn slime
Plagueborn Slime – Slime, Anyone? (House of Plagues storyline – see video)
Pulsating Maggot – pet battle
Shy Melvin – drop from Deadly Dapperling
Skittering Venomspitter – looted from the Sprouting Growth
Sludge Feeler – drop from Margrave Stradama (Plaguefall – Mythic)

Spinebug – Giant Cache of Epic Treasure
Suspended Corpse – looted from the Supplies of the Undying Army
Toenail – 1,765G – The Undying Army (Revered)
Writhing Spine

Common Covenant Pets

Bloodfeaster Spiderling
Brightscale Hatchling
Corpulent Bonetusk
Dusty Sporeflutterer
Pearlwing Heron
Plaguelouse Larva
Violet Dredwing Pup


Animated Tome – drop from Scrivener Lenua
Archivist’s Quill – 1,000 Sinstone Fragments (73.0, 52.0) The Avowed (Exalted)
Battie – 250 Polished Pet Charms from Temel in the Ember Court (Revered)
Blushing Spiderling – tied to the rare spawn Tomb Burster
Bound Lightspawn – drop from Light Elementals
Burdened Soul – drop from Secret Treasure
Char – drop from Ashen Amalgamation (Ember Court)
Court Messenger – 250 Polished Pet Charms – Court of Harvesters (Revered)
Crimson Dredwing Pup – drop from Dredbats

Dal – WQ: A Stolen Stonefiend (see video)
Dusky Dredwing Pup – pet battle
Stoneskin Dredwing Pup – Court of Harvesters Supplies (Paragon)
Lost Quill – requires Forgotten Ink (see video)
Lost Soul – pet battle
Lucy – drops from the Dirty Glinting Object: Lucy was sent to Revendreth, as all cats are, and somehow escaped. When questioned, local dredgers blamed it on her being a cat.

Juvenile Mire Creeper
Mire Creeper – pet battle
Primordial Bogling – drop from Bog Beast
Rosetipped Spiderling – pet battle
Stony – Repaired Transport Mirror (Tier 3)

The Count pet
The Count – The Count requires 99 Infused Rubies (see video)
Trapped Stonefiend – Bleakwood Chest
Withering Creeper – pet battle

Sinheart - venthyr covenant pet
Sinheart – Renown Level 23 (Sinfall) Sometimes sins of great souls are so powerful they animate the very stones they are placed on. While an amalgamation of these manifest as giant sinstone golems, individual ones are often much smaller, sometimes friendlier, but a lot cuter.
Raw Emotion – drop from Grand Proctor Beryllia (Sanguine Depths – Mythic)

Emotional Leecher
Wrathling – drop from the Leeched Soul / Manifestation of Wrath (see video)
Will of Remornia – drop from Sire Denathrious (Castle Nathria)


Ashen Chomper
Death Seeker – requires the Twisting Corridors: Layer 2 achievement
Frenzied Mawrat
Hissing Deathroach
Maw Crawler
Maw Stalker
Tower Deathroach
Torghast Lurker

The Maw

Decaying Mawrat
Dread – drop from Eternas the Tormentor
Sharpclaw – drop from Sanngror the Torturer
Undying Cockroach


Battle in Shadowlands requires you to complete 14 Pet Battle World Quests throughout the Shadowlands with a full team of level 25 pets. Rewards the Mawsworn Pet Leash.

Shadowlands Safari – Catch every battle pet in the Shadowlands.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, there’s a new family meta coming.

Spriggan TricksterFamily Exorcist – Okay, you knew this was coming, right? You know the drill. Defeat 9 Master Tamers in the Shadowlands with a team of all level 25 [Aquatic or other family] pets. Rewards the Spriggan Trickster. Spriggans are tricky foes that live in Ardenweald and torment the Night Fae. This one has decided to play the ultimate trick – joining you.

But wait, there’s more! Another series of challenging boss fights?

Meet the Abhorrent Adversaries of the AfterlifeWinterleaf Spriggan – Defeat the following afterlife atrocities of the Shadowlands. Just like those Tiny Terrors in Tanaan. Remember those?

Rewards the Winterleaf Spriggan.


Did somebody say faerie wings? You’ll be able to dress up your Perky Pug in Night Fae and Kyrian themed costumes.

Pug Faerie Wings

Which pet will you be collecting first?