Shadowlands Battle Pets

There are more than 100 new battle pets to collect including the Anima Wyrmling from the Epic Edition of Shadowlands. I’m excited to see so many new models and look forward to collecting them all. Many have multiple colour variations and while a lot of sources are still unknown, I’ve included some of my favourite models throughout this post.

In some exciting news, there is no new pet currency planned for Shadowlands. Whoo-hoo! Guess I should probably start doing some WQs again because I’m only completing the odd pet mission. To read up on the changes to pet mechanics, new abilities and nerfs, check out the article. You will need 3,000 Polished Pet Charms to purchase the Shadowlands pets.

Putrid Geist

In the weeks before Shadowlands, the limited-time Scourge Invasion will be happening in Northrend. The Putrid Geist will come from the event and will cost 20 Argent Commendations to purchase.

There will be at least one battle pet for each covenant but the pet(s) will only be usable by that covenant. It’s also been reported that one pet “eats up slime pools and gets you items” when brought out in Maldraxxus so it will be interesting to see which pet does what.

Covenant Pets

Willowbreeze, Rocky, Mu’dud, Sinheart


Night Fae Covenant

FloofaFloofa – 250 Polished Pet Charms – The Wild Hunt (Friendly)
Grubby – A Bittersweet Prize (A Vessel of Ardenweald questline)
Hungry Burrower – Wild Hunt Supplies
Trootie – 250 Polished Pet Charms – Renown Level 20 

Drops and Treasures

Fun Guss, Fuzzy Shimmermoth & Sir Reginald – Cortinarius
LeafadoreGloober, as G’huun & Willowbreeze – Master Clerk Salorn
Stemmins – Spindlenose

Amber Glitterwing

Amber Glitterwing – drops from the Desiccated Moth (see video)
Chirpy Valeshrieker – drops from Old Ardeite (see video)
Dodger – rewarded from the Playful Vulpin (see video)
Downfeather Ragewing – looted from Ancient Cloudfeather Egg (see video)
Gorm Needler – drops from Deifir the Untamed
Gorm Harrier – looted from Aerto’s body (see video)
Shimmerbough Hoarder – Faerie Trove (see video)
Starry Dreamfoal
– Cache of the Night (see video)
White Vulpin
– Gift of Vesiphone (see video)
Lavender Nibbler – drops from Gormbore
Renny – Renny the Vulpin quest
Rocky – drops from Macabre
Spirited Skyfoal – Adventures
Spinemaw Larva – drops from Tred’ova (Mists of Tirna Scithe dungeon)


Kyrian Covenant – The Ascended

Steward – 250 Polished Pet Charms – Renown Level 20 
Golden Vulpin – Quartermaster in Hero’s Rest (Revered)
PHA7-YNX– Engineering 100 (The Ascended – Exalted)

Zeleskos – 800 Reservoir Anima each
Black Vulpin
Dusty Sporeflutterer
Pearlwing Heron
Pink Dragon Turtle

Golden Teroclaw – drops from the Cloudfeather Patriarch (kill Anima-Starved Cloudfeathers to spawn rare – WQ: Allay Their Fears)


Necrolord Covenant

Backbone – requires 5 Malleable Flesh
Sanctum Upgrade – Abominable Stitching (Soul Survivors questline – Tier 4)

Bloodlouse Larva – chance to loot from the Strange Growth treasure (see video)
Carpal – 250 Polished Pet Charms – purchase the item from the Undying Army Quartermaster, then combine 3 items to complete the pet.
Mu’dud – Abomination Stitching (Soul Survivors questline – Tier 5)

bloof elf standing next to the plagueborn slimePlagueborn Slime – Slime, Anyone? (House of Plagues storyline – see video)
Slime Cat – 1,500 Reservoir Anima (Renown)
Toenail – 1,765G – The Undying Army (Revered)

Animated Cruor
Bleak Skitterer
Bloodlouse Hatchling

Bubbling Pustule
Corpselouse Hatchling – drop from Smorgas the Feaster, The Stabbing Wastes
Corpulent Bonetusk – 350 Malleable Flesh – requires Abomination Stitching + Atticus with 10 Malleable Flesh (Honored – The Stitchmasters) or 2 root grain – drop from Queens Conservatory Cache – requires 2 catalyst slots for your Wildseed
Foulwing Hatchling
– drop from Revenomous 
Necroray Spawnling

Plaguelouse Hatchling
Pulsating Maggot
Skittering Venomspitter
Sludge Feeler
Suspended Corpse
Writhing Spine

Boneweave Hatchling – drop from Sister Chelicerae
Decaying Oozewalker – drop from Oily Invertebrate
Shy Melvin – drop from Deadly Dapperling
Luminous Webspinner – Cache of Eyes – gather

Oonar's Arm pet
Oonar’s Arm – Maldraxxus (see video)

Reanimated PlagueReanimated Plague – Plaguefallen Chest (see video)
Spinebug – Giant Cache of Epic Treasure (see video)


Venthyr Covenant

Archivist’s Quill – 1,000 Sinstone Fragments (73.0, 52.0) The Avowed (Exalted)
Dredger Butler – Ember Court (Friendly) Start with Temel’s quest – Homegrown Help
Battie – 250 Polished Pet Charms from Temel in the Ember Court (Revered)
Stony – Repaired Transport Mirror (Tier 3)

Sinheart - venthyr covenant pet
Sinheart – Renown Level 20 (Sinfall)
Court Messenger – 250 Polished Pet Charms – Court of Harvesters (Revered)
Dusky Dredwing Pup & Stoneskin Dredwing Pup – Court of Harvesters Tribute (Paragon)
Violet Dredwing Pup – Rendle and Cudgelface’s Quickly Wrapped Gift Box (Ember Court)

Bloodfeaster Spiderling – Stitched Satchel of Venthyr Supplies or other Covenant Building Reward
Thumbbiter – Adventures

Juvenile Mire Creeper

Juvenile Mire Creeper

I don’t know about you but after watching Swamp Thing recently, I’m digging this miniature version although a little more detail wouldn’t hurt.

Animated Tome – drop from Scrivener Lenua
Bound Lightspawn – drop from Light Elementals
Burdened Soul – drop from Hidden Crypt
Char – drop from Ashen Amalgamation (Ember Court)
Crimson Dredwing Pup – drop from Dredbats
Dal – WQ: A Stolen Stonefiend (see video)

Emotional Leecher
Emotional Leecher & Raw Emotion – drop from the Leeched Soul / Manifestation of Wrath
Juvenile Mire Creeper – drop from Twitching Reed
Lost Soul – WQ: Swarming Souls
Lost Quill – requires Forgotten Ink (see video)
Primordial Sludge – drop from Bog Beast
Rose Spiderling – tied to the rare spawn Tomb Burster + Vendor: Funguss
Trapped Stonefiend – Bleakwood Chest

The Count petThe Count – The Count requires 99 Infused Rubies (see video)
Withering Mire Creeper
Projection of Remornia


Pernicious Bonetusk
Runelight Leaper

Pet Battle

Gorm Rootstinger
Tranquil Wader
Misty Leaper

May not be included at launch
Ashen Chomper
Baby Sinfall Screecher

Blue Etherwyrm
Blue Glimmerfly
Dark Glimmerfly
Deathsworn Cockroach
Decaying Mawrat
Frenzied Mawrat
Golden Crane
Maw Crawler
Maw Stalker
Olive Dragon Turtle
Orange Vulpin
Phantasmal Roach
Pink Glimmerfly
Purple Crane
Red Vulpin
Scarlet Tip Spiderling
Silver Crane
Silver Teroclaw
Torghast Lurker
Torghast Roach
White Dragon Turtle


Battle in Shadowlands requires you to complete 14 Pet Battle World Quests throughout the Shadowlands with a full team of level 25 pets.

Twisting Corridors: Layer 2 rewards Death Seeker

Nine Afterlives – Okay, technically it’s an exploration achievement. Thankfully, you don’t need to kill the slimeballs, just pet them

Which pets will you collect first?

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