A new zone means a host of new pets and new challenges including legendary bosses when we head to The Forbidden Reach in Patch 10.0.7. It also launches a new set of rewards for the Recruit-A-Friend program so hopefully, you have everything you wanted from the Adventurer’s theme. A week ago, I only had the third reward but just added a sub to one of my inactive recruit-a-friend accounts. As long as you have at least one RAF account subbed to WoW before the patch hits, you’re still able to collect the rest of the Adventurer’s rewards. Woot!

Rare Drops

ashenwingAshenwing – Bonesifter Marwak (den at 43, 60)

Red for the fires in which it was born.

Scruffles – Vraken the Hunter (cave at 58, 48)

Scruffles’ lust for battle runs deep.

Luvvy – Luttrok – requires a cooking item (Sparkling Spice Pouch) to spawn the rare. The recipe requires Dragon Isles Cooking (50) and 10x Artisan’s Mettle to purchase from the Artisan’s Consortium Quartermaster Trader Hag’arth in Morqut Village, Morqut Islet. You will need Lackluster Spices dropped from rare mobs in the zone to create the pouch.

In its big eyes you can see your own reflection. You also see everything else because its eyes are so big.

Wakyn – Warden Entrix (underground 43, 84, enter at 51, 59)

Hope, like this phoenix, rises from the ashes of shattered dreams.


A few pets will be available to purchase from the Renown Envoys located in the Forgotten Reach (34, 60).

buckieBuckie – sold by Turik in Morqut Village (25,000 Elemental Overflow) Don’t worry, Elemental Overflow is a lot easier to come by at the Forbidden Reach.

Gnawing at the roots of magic trees have given this creature the ability to transcend time itself.

shaggyShaggy – has a chance to drop from the Sack of Oddities (2,000 Elemental Overflow) sold by Cataloger Daela in Morqut Village, Morqut Islet

This little rabbit is cute from the tip of her button nose to the tips of her deadly claws.

Driftlingdriftling – requires exalted reputation with the Winterpelt Furbolg. Sold by Kazzi (65, 12) in Winterpelt Hollow for 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.

This creature is usually known to be quite docile, but try to stick a carrot in its face and YOU WILL lose feeling in your fingers.

Before you can purchase Driftling, you’ll need to gain a better understanding of the Furbolg language so grinding reputation will be a little different this time. Exalted rep requires 500 language points (100 per level from neutral to exalted). You only have to hand in enough Liberated Furbolg Artifacts and Intact Scribe Sticks to reach 25 points of Language: Furbolg for every rep level.

One language point = 5x Liberated Furbolg Artifacts or 1x Intact Scribe Stick.

Vakthros Summit is a great place to farm the Liberated Furbolg Artifacts and, if you’re lucky, a good number of Intact Scribe Sticks. Ritual Scouts and Guardians drop between 2-9 Artifacts per kill and the odd Scribe Stick. Once you hit 25 language points, a new questline will appear giving you the rest of the points needed to hit the next reputation level. I ended up farming the Fire Elementals for the Blaze Spirit at the same time.

volatile self-driving toolbox


Volatile Self-Driving Toolbox – Recruit A Friend (RAF) 1-month reward (read more about the current RAF rewards and requirements)

Who needs a toolbelt when a handy robot can follow you around? Just don’t bump into it too hard.


One of four pet battles rotates around the zone each day. They can appear as legendary bosses but defeating the 7 nearby Storm-Touched pets reduces the level of difficulty for a short time. Completing the world quest can reward a pet version of the elemental you defeat. The pet’s quality depends on the one you battle so defeating the rare quality boss rewards you with the battle pet.

vortexVortex – Quest: Cutting Wind (18, 13)

Arrogant from a past life in the stormy Forbidden Reach, pines after the good old days when the elements controlled the land. Bit of a blow hard really.

Wildfire – Quest: Combustible Vegetation (13, 53)

The flames surrounding it burn more intensely during combat. Could even say that pet battles get it stoked.

Tremblor – Quest: Shifting Ground (67, 12)

Claims to be from a long lost land from the remnants of a massive volcano, but that story seems a little shaky.

Flow – Quest: Flood Warning (89, 60)

Perks its head up when hearing conversation as it likes to stay current on world affairs.

Defeat all four for the achievement – Global Swarming

Zskera Vaults

The Zskera Vaults are located at Morqut Islet in the Forbidden Reach, and it has caught the attention of the Dragonscale Expedition. These seemingly treasure-filled vaults have many locked doors with puzzles behind them all.

Beylmane – this seems to be a zone-wide drop. Mine came from the Hardened Strongbox in the Vaults while others rescued theirs from Spun Webs or a Hardshell Chest.

The vorquin of the dragon isles have manes that come in a variety of stunning colors.

Brightfeather – this seems to be a zone-wide drop. Looted mine from the Hardened Chest in the Stone Encased Room. It can also drop from other chests in the vault.

It’s got bright feathers. What else is there to say?

Bunbo – this seems to be a zone-wide drop. It can be looted from the Supply Trunk in the Paint Room, dropped from one of the mobs during the Primordial Answers quest or even looted from the secret room.

It sits anywhere it wants to, but it prefers to sit on laps.

Emmah – fished up from the Disgusting Vat or add refreshing water to the Unkept Aquarium

Is it normal for a fish to have fangs?

gilded mechafrogGilded Mechafrog – Tattered Gift Package purchased from Prototype Tinker-Tron who is behind one of the locked doors. Requires Neltharion Gift Tokens to purchase.

An old and dangerous discarded toy.

Kobaldt – requires Ley-Infused Crystal to reanimate the Animate Crystalspine

Sharp crystal needles protrude from this creature’s back, and yet it still wants you to pet it somehow.

Patos – Unique Fish (add refreshing water to the Unkept Aquarium)

This frillfish is a no-frills kind of frillfish.

Battle on the Dragon Isles II

The following pet achievement requires the completion of 8 Pet Battle World Quests on the Dragon Isles with a full team of level 25 pets. To see what teams I used for various challenges including the Trading Post, check out the links below.

Here’s the playlist for all the Patch 10.0.7 battles.