In Patch 9.1, the journal cap will be removed so if you’re about to spend your Polished Pet Charms on one of the pet journal upgrades, you’ll probably want to save them for an upcoming pet. The only limitation will be the 3 pet cap for most additions to your collection. This will be great news to many. Personally, I’m still nowhere near the first cap of 1500 but I still spent 2K on both journal upgrades back then.


Sly – A Sly Fox

Sly battle petFor A Sly Fox, you need to rescue Sly three times after he runs away during a Kyrian Assault. You will need 3 separate assaults to complete the achievement. This one is more of a baby blue compared to Dodger’s teal colouring.

Mord’al Eveningstar – Many, Many Things

First, you need to obtain the Box of Many Things in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Then you need to research every talent in the box before you’re rewarded with the pet. It starts with the quest In Darkness, Found in Korthia.


The Maw

Amaranthine Stinger – Gralebboih (requires the Event: Tormentors of Torghast)
Copperback Etherwyrm – Ascended War Chest
Fodder – War Chest of the Undying Army
Grappling Gauntlet – confirmed drop from many of the humanoids in the area
Golden Eye – Helsworn Soulseeker
Infused Etherwyrm – Pick up A Shady Place during the Night Fae Maw Assault. Enter the Rift, then kill the Elusive Keybinder ~ 24, 41 or use a macro to locate one nearby. Exit the rift, then use the key on the Etherwyrm Cage at the back of Desolate Hollow (23, 42).
Invasive Buzzer – War Chest of the Wild Hunt
Lil’Abom – locate 5 pieces scattered around the Maw
Sinfall Screecher – looted from the Sinfall Screecher Cage (treasure) during the Kyrian Maw Assault. This one’s so quick and easy it would be a crime not to collect one.

Chompy battle pet


Chompy – Korthia Dail

y from Plague Deviser Marileth: Oozing with Character or Local Reagents (unlocked at Renown 44 once you’ve completed The Last Sigil part of the campaign)
Gnashtooth – Supplies of the Archivists’ Codex
Korthian Specimen – Zelnithop (rare) located at Windswept Aerie
Mosscoated Hopper – Death’s Advance Supplies


Gilded Darknight – Adamant Vaults

Sanctum of Domination Raid

Eye of Extermination and Eye of Allseeing – Eye of the Jailer (Mythic)
Irongrasp – Soulrender Dormazain
Mawsworn Minion – Kel’Thuzad

Pet Tamer

Anthea is a new pet tamer located at the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit. When defeated the Grummlepouch has a chance to contain Squibbles one of the pets you’ll be battling in her epic team. It’s just a shame we won’t be getting the golden retriever model previously datamined, particularly since we already have a mechanical parrot from an old questline.

Pet Vendor

Keeper Ta’hult in Oribos will have four pets for sale but you will only need Polished Pet Charms for one. The other three require three poor-quality items. I’ve included a list of where I looted mine.

Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm – 10,000 Polished Pet Charms (see banner)

Most items were farmed on my main and opted for dungeon or raid sources for the ability to reset the instance. Other drops need level-appropriate toons to trigger the right loot table.


Ruby Baubleworm requires the following 3 items:

  • Rotting Bear Carcass – Okay, I must have been really lucky because I got one from my first Vicious Gray Bear kill inside the Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills dungeon.
  • Dark Iron Baby Booties – Kill the Dark Iron Dwarves from the Detention Block to the Dark Iron Highway in BRD until you have 12 Relic Coffer Keys. Run back to the entrance and use the Abandoned Mole Machine by selecting the second option – Into The Domicile. Go right and then out onto the terrace entering the first room on the right. Unlock all 12 Relic Coffers in The Black Vault. Run out and reset the instance until you get the drop. Got mine on my 5th reset.
  • The Stoppable Force – clearing trash in Kara. Initially, I killed Moroes, cleared Opera and the Curator since The Arcane Protectors were listed as a good source. Since the Arcane Protectors are tied to the next boss, I was able to farm them by logging out on the ramp so they had a chance to respawn each time I logged back in. However, I ended up going back in on my main and cleared trash in the stable. Managed to get the item by the time I’d reached the blacksmith. If you don’t get yours by then, I’d suggest farming trash all the way up to Maiden.

Turquoise Baubleworm requires the following 3 items:

  • Rabbit’s Foot – created a level 1 undead and killed Young Scavengers in Deathknell. Killing mobs on a level 10 toon did not drop the right items including those from other sources.
  • Large Slimy Bone – Head to Wailing Caverns and kill the Devouring Ectoplasms outside the instance.
  • Frayed Knot – Pickpocketed from a Northwatch Marine in Tiragarde Keep, Durotar (46, 59)

Topaz Baubleworm requires the following 3 items:

  • Ground Gear – created a Vulpin and headed out to Borean Tundra. Killed a handful of Harvest Collectors at 56, 62 in Farshire after trying a few other sources and locations.
  • Robble’s Wobbly Staff – trash mobs in Firelands (received mine in the first couple of groups towards the entrance).
  • A Very Unlucky Rock – if you haven’t looted Lucky Horace’s Lucky Chest on all of your alts, you can get one from this Nazmir Treasure.

timeless mechanical dragonling


Timeless Mechanical Dragonling – 200 Timewarped Badges (purchased from Historian Ma’di (50, 41) in Tanaris)


Domestic Aunian – 50 Polished Pet Charms + 1500 Stygia (requires Death’s Advance – Honored) Purchased from Duchess Mynx (Korthia)

Rook – Ve’nari Scavenged Supplies (Paragon)

Pet Battle

Korthia, City of Secrets

Dragged from the hidden byways of the In-Between, this landmass has its own strange creatures and brims with mysteries the likes of which the Shadowlands has never seen. During your adventures in the Maw and Korthia, you’ll be able to earn new rewards including a Minion of Domination.

Mord'al Eveningstar

Animite Broodling
Anxious Nibbler
Eye of Affliction
Young Garnetgullet
Wild Corpsefly

Tazavesh: the Veiled Market

A Broker themed mega-dungeon (Mythic only – for now)

Rarity – sold by an NPC named Shopkeeper located northeast of the Customs Enforcement building (across from the Questionable Trader). The shopkeeper will whisper ‘Psst. Hey, you. Unassuming visitor. Do you like small creatures?’ Target him and emote /yes or /nod quickly after he whispers to you to open the shop. The pet is a rare commodity indeed since it will cost some gold as well as three lockboxes. The lockboxes can drop from various Shadowlands mobs but a rogue will be an asset since they can be pickpocketed from the various zones. These are the mobs I pickpocketed mine from. (see video)

  • 2,143 G
  • Phaedrum Lockbox – Blighted Fadeblade in Tirna Noch, Ardenweald
  • Solenium Lockbox – Gracefallen Tactician in the Court of Elation, Bastion
  • Oxxein Lockbox – Chosen Initiate at the House of the Chosen, Maldraxxus

Gizmo – drop from the P.O.S.T. Master

Complete the short questline to gain access to Tazavesh. Check out the video if you want to collect the wild pets (solo):

Curious Purrkin
Silver Purrkin
Damp Skrat
Scavenging Skrat

The Maw

Clinging Remains
Grip of Terror
Lost Limb
Scurrying Mawrat
Vile Deathroach


In Patch 9.1.5, another murloc pet was added. It starts from a quest picked up from Breanni and rewards Gurgl after completing a short questline.