Here we go again. Choosing the most effective fighters to defeat the eight elite pets and trainers of the Dragon Isles using all ten pet battling families. In terms of difficulty, this was not as challenging as previous versions especially considering the fact there’s a whole questline dedicated to novice pet battlers while levelling through the Dragon Isles. It definitely seems like Blizz is trying to encourage more people to start pet battling.

Pet Battle Addons

I don’t use many mods but these are my must-have addons for pet battling.

  • Rematch – An enhanced pet battle journal including the ability to save teams and filter pets (see video)
  • Battle Pet Breed ID – Shows breeds of all pets
  • Family Familiar Helper – To help track the achievement, I highly recommend this addon. It’s an easy way to see which families you still need to complete for any of the Family type metas. Here’s a video on how it works.

Family Battler of the Dragon Isles

Complete the following achievements for the Family Batter of the Dragon Isles achievement.

Aquatic Battler of the Dragon Isles Critter Battler of the Dragon Isles
Elemental Battler of the Dragon Isles Humanoid Battler of the Dragon Isles
Mechanical Battler of the Dragon Isles Beast Battler of the Dragon Isles
Dragonkin Battler of the Dragon Isles Flying Battler of the Dragon Isles
Magic Battler of the Dragon Isles Undead Battler of the Dragon Isles

Haniko and dragon pets

Elite Pets and Trainers of the Dragon Isles

Arcantus – Mini Manafiend Melee (41, 59) The Azure Span

Enyobon – The Oldest Dragonfly (39, 73) Thaldraszus

Patchu – The Grand Master (13, 49)  Iskaara, The Azure Span

Stormamu – Eye of the Stormling (24, 42) Ohn’ahran Plains

Bakhushek – Two and Two Together (62, 41) Maruukai, Ohn’ahran Plains

Haniko – The Terrible Three (38, 83) The Waking Shores

Setimothes – You Have to Start Somewhere (56, 49) Thaldraszus

Swog – Swog the Elder (26, 92) The Waking Shores

Rewards Lady Feathersworth

Though she may be fashionably late, Lady Feathersworth will always show up for a party.

Family Battler of the Dragon Isles Teams

To follow my strategies, check out the playlist on YouTube. If you find any of them helpful, pls give the video a like and leave a comment if you used any substitutions to help out the channel and other players. As always, patrons have access to all my rematch strings.

Did you start pet battling in Dragonflight?