The Riches of Pandaria is such a great source of XP and money while levelling in Mists. The hardest one would have to be the sap in Townlong Steppes since it can spawn in several spots around the huge tree. One spot, in particular, is too high to get to without flying. This achievement is the last in a series.

Each artifact may only be looted once per character but only 18 are needed for credit. You will run into many of these just by levelling through each zone but to help keep track of what you’ve already looted, use the following macro.

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(XXXXX))

where ‘XXXXX’ refers to the flag quest number of each item you’re checking. If the result comes back as 1, it means you’ve already looted that object on that given character as opposed to a ‘nil’ result, meaning you’re still eligible to see and loot the item.

The Jade Forest
Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot  26.2, 32.4 Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot 31400 Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot
Lucky Pandaren Coin 31.9, 27.8 Lucky Pandaren Coin 31401 Lucky-Pandaren-coin-tn
Pandaren Ritual Stone 23.5, 35.0 Pandaren Ritual Stone 31404 Pandaren-Ritual-Stone

Ships Locker co-ordinates

Ship’s Locker (at this location)

Gold 31396 Ships-Locker
Valley of the Four Winds
Virmen Treasure Cache 23.8, 28.5 Gold 31405 Virmen Treasure Cache
Saurok Stone Tablet 68.6, 7.60 Saurok Stone Tablet 31408 Saurok-Stone-Tablet
The Veiled Stair
The Hammer of Folly 75.1, 76.4 The Hammer of Folly 31428 Hammer-of-Folly-tn
Kun-Lai Summit
Ancient Mogu Tablet 64.2, 45.2 Ancient Mogu Tablet 31420 Ancient Mogu Tablet
Hozen Treasure Cache 49.5, 59.4 Gold 31414 Hozen-Treasure-Cache-tn
Lost Adventurer’s Belongings 36.7, 79.8 Gold 31418 Lost Adventurer's Belongings
Rikktik’s Tiny Chest 52.6, 51.5 Rikktik’s Tick Remover 31419 Rikktik's-Tiny-Chest-tn
Statue of Xuen 72.0, 33.9 Statue of Xuen 31416 Statue-of-Xuen
Stolen Sprite Treasure 59.5, 52.9 Gold 31415 Stolen Sprite Chest
Terracotta Head 57.8, 76.3 Terracotta Head 31422 Terracotta Head
Townlong Steppes
Abandoned Crate of Goods 62.8, 34.1 Gold 31427 Abandoned-Crate-of-Goods-tn
Amber Encased Moth 65.8, 86.1 Amber Encased Moth 31426 Amber Encased Moth
Fragment of Dread Inside Niuzao Catacombs (34.9, 63.1) Fragment of Dread 31423 Fragment-of-Dread
Hardened Sap of Kri’vess 53,9, 58.4 Hardened Sap of Kri’vess 31424 Hardened-Sap

The remaining list of objects do not seem to count towards any of the achievements but are still a great source of XP and gold. It’s no wonder these were one of my favourite ways to level.

The Jade Forest Chest of Supplies

24.63 53.27
Gold 31864 Chest of Supplies
Offering of Remembrance

46.3, 80.7
Gold & Chastised 31865 Offering-of-Rememberance
Stash of Gems

62.4, 27.5
Gems & Gold 31866 Stash-of-Gems
Valley of the Four Winds Boat-Building Instructions

92.0, 39.0
Boat-Building Instructions 31869 Boat-Building-Instructions-tn
Cache of Pilfered Goods

43.5 37.4
Rare Neckpiece 31406 Cache of Pilfered Goods
The Veiled Stair Forgotten Lockbox

54.6, 72.6
Gold 31867 Forgotten Lockbox
Krasarang Wilds Stack of Papers

52.1, 73.4
Stack of Papers 31863 Stack-of-Papers-tn
Kun-Lai Summit Mo-Mo’s Treasure Chest

44.0, 73.0
Gold 31868 Mo-Mo Chest