The Lunar Festival is a 2-week event based on Chinese New Year and will run between the 3rd – 17th of February (or the 4th – 18th for Oceanic players).

In 2024, Hoplet was added to the Blizzard Shop. I’m also running a giveaway on Twitter, so check it out for a chance to win.

Leap into new and hoppy adventures with a fluffy friend by your side. The Hoplet pet, outfitted in festive Lunar New Year fashion, will be available in the® Shop for a limited time and will scamper away on February 29, 2024.* Hoplet is ready for fuzzy fun and will join you immediately after your purchase and activation.

Winding Slitherdrake: Lunar Festival Armor

You can also purchase the Winding Slitherdrake: Lunar Festival Armor for 50,000 gold from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade or a Lunar Festival Vendor.

For some easy Coins of Ancestry, you can follow the Lunar Preservation Guide.


These fireworks were first seen during the short pre-MoP Theramore’s Fall scenario and cost 25x Coins of Ancestry. Thankfully, learning one automatically teaches you the toy for the opposing faction.


lunar lantern pets

  • Lunar Lantern  (Alliance) These magical lanterns are acquired at the Lunar Festival, which celebrates the defeat of the Burning Legion by the free races of Azeroth.
  • Festival Lantern (Horde) The light from each lantern honors the soul of an ancestor spirit. During the Lunar Festival, these ghostly elders pass along their wisdom to the current generation.

These faction-specific pets cost 50x Coins of Ancestry each. The good news is, they are BoE meaning you’ll be able to trade them or purchase them from the AH.

Perky Blaster

Perky Blaster from Lunar Festival

Give your Perky Pug some fireworks to play with for the cost of 1x Coins of Ancestry. Watch him run around in circles having the time of his life.


These mounts can be collected with an active 6-month subscription. If you don’t want to purchase a subscription, you can buy them directly from the Battle.Net Shop.

Shu-Zen, the Divine Sentinel – Year of the Dog (added in 2018)Shu-zen the Divine Sentinel

As the Golden Lotus worked tirelessly to repair the Vale of Eternal blossoms, a single statue came to life and wordlessly defended them from the Sha that assaulted them. Believed by some to be a sign of good fortune and others to be a gift from the Light, Shu-Zen provides faithful companionship to any that would defend Azeroth from the maddening whispers of the Old Gods.

Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune

Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune – Year of the Pig (added in 2019)

Legends say that in his hour of deepest doubt, Emperor Shaohao, the last ruler of the Pandaren Empire, was visited by Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune, as he meditated upon his people’s future. Today, pandaren across Azeroth consider Hogrus to be a sign of prosperity and great things to come. You would be wise to seek his blessing as you pursue your own fortune, wherever the four winds may take you.

Squeakers, the Trickster

Squeakers, the Trickster – Year of the Rat (added in 2020)

It’s not quite certain where Squeakers found his incredible wings of jade. Perhaps he outwitted the Jade Serpent herself. Now Azeroth’s first flying rat is ready to set out and spread mischief wherever he goes!

Lucky Yun

Lucky Yun – Year of the Ox (added in 2021)

Trying to turn fortune in your favour? You’re in luck! The pandaren elders claim that Lucky Yun will bestow prosperity upon anyone who touches its glittering hide. Take this ox by the horns and be prepared to meet your good fortune in Azeroth and beyond.

Wen Lo, the River’s Edge – Year of the Tiger (added in 2022)Wen Lo, the River's Edge

The rivers of Pandaria, like Wen Lo, are unpredictable in nature. They may remain calm, bringing water to the crops, or flood, bringing ruin. Wen Lo reminds us that we must adapt to the challenges of life.

Jade, Bright ForeseerJade, Bright Foreseer –  Year of the Rabbit (added in 2023)

A hop-timistic friend for any trail ahead

The presence of this majestic Pandaren rabbit spirit brings joy and happiness and is heralded as a wonderful omen. Legend says that in its eyes, you can glimpse the greatest happiness of your life, even if it is yet to come.

Auspicious Arborwyrm – Year of the Dragon (2024)Auspicious Arborwyrm

Sprouting to life only once every sixty years, this living wooden dragon combines the patience of a tree and the grace of a dragon in flight.


Three firework schematics cost 5x Coins of Ancestry each and an engineering skill of 500 to learn.

omen Lunar Festival

Elders of Cataclysm

If you managed to get the achievements done in previous years, there’s not a lot to do. Last year, there was only one new achievement that required you to honour the 9 new Elders introduced in Cataclysm (bringing the total number of Elders to 84).

elder uldum Lunar Festival
elder uldum2 Lunar Festival
Elder Sekhemi in Uldum – (32, 63) Located at Ruins of Ammon
Elder Menkhaf in Uldum – (66, 19) Located at Khartut’s Tomb (north-east of the big statue)

elder mh Lunar Festival
Mount Hyal
Elder Windsong in Hyjal – (27, 62) Located at Sanctuary of Malorne
Elder Evershade in Nordrassil – (63, 23) Next to the Inn, Alliance side portal

elder deepholm Lunar Festival
Elder Stonebrand in the Temple of Earth – (50, 55) Located at the Entrance of the Temple
Elder Deepforge in Deepholm – (28, 69) Located at Stonehearth

elder firebeard Lunar Festival
elder darkfeather Lunar Festival
Twilight Highlands
Elder Firebeard in Twilight Highlands – (51, 71) Located at Dunward Town Square of Dunward Ruins
Elder Darkfeather in Twilight Highlands – (52, 33) Located at Thundermar Ruins

elder vash Lunar Festival
Elder Moonlance in Vashj’ir – (57, 86) Located at Biel’aran Ridge, Shimmering Expanse

With so many Elders to visit, getting enough coins to buy the pet will be easy. However, I found it faster to accumulate the coins from Northrend as they are more tightly packed, as well as the new Cata ones for the achievement. All in all, you’ll be getting a lot of flying miles. What a shame there’s no frequent flyer program :P

2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey who is said to be ambitious and adventurous, but irritable.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!