Before you can see the Protoform Synthesis mount schematics, you need to unlock the Protoform Repository – the mount version of Protoform Synthesis. To do this, research Sopranian Understanding under the Dealic tree of the Cypher Research Console and complete the Finding Tahli questline to unlock the Architect.

Protoform Synthesis Mount Schematics

BufoidGoldplate Bufonid

Description: This armoured bufonid is always ready to leap into battle… as long as that battle is really, really close. In a pinch, it can leap multiple times and eventually reach the battle.

Source: low drop from the Accelerated Bufonid

DescriptionRusset is a rare colour among bufonids that is normally only seen on specimens that are tainted by other cosmic forces, or synthesized from a perplexing schematic that invokes that colour.

Source: Chance to drop from Enlightened Broker Supplies (Paragon Box from The Enlightened)

DescriptionAn ancient schematic allows for the instantiation of this early, but functional, bufonid design.

Source: drops from the Forgotten Proto-Vault


DescriptionThese wild cervids are only truly at peace when running through–or between–the lands of Death.

Source: A New Architect questline (see video)

DescriptionLooking at these majestic creatures, it’s not difficult to see how the idea of cervids developed into the stags found on Azeroth and other mortal worlds.

Source: This appears in your journal when you unlock Protoform Synthesis(Mounts) but needs to be unlocked with the Cyphers of the First Ones achievement.

DescriptionWhatever the purpose of these cervids once was, it is long forgotten. Though they are not Dominated, they have been corrupted by the unintended presence of Mawsworn in the sacred realm of Zereth Mortis.

Source: chance to be in the Mawsworn Cache


DescriptionSome helicids of Zereth Mortis have strangely metallic shells. The ones who do are generally a bronze colour, indistinct from the metal any novice miner could work, save that this creature’s construction far surpasses the skill of any novice.

Source: Chance to be inside the Tribute of the Enlightened Elders, the reward from the Patterns Within Patterns weekly quest.

DescriptionThis helicid’s unusual reddish tint is clearly intentional in its design, but the only other difference between these and other helicids is the unusual lack of any ooze.

Source: on Antecedent Isle, on top of the big arc on the LHS (see video)

DescriptionThese beautiful helicids emerge only at night. When they are pleased, their shells hum with a joyful melody.

Source: located in the first room of the Sepulcher Raid. Jump down to the ground where the frogs are, run left to the back, it’s between the chains under the platform.

DescriptionThis creature was not designed by the First Ones, but instead by an unknown being attempting to create a very fast runner. Needless to say, the attempt failed.

Source: Reward from the Locus Shift minigame in the Camber Alcove (see video)


DescriptionFrom the moment of its creation, this packless lupine has held nothing more than deepest affection and loyalty towards you.

Source: chance to drop from the Maw-Frenzied Lupine found inside the Choral Residium cave at 52.8, 63.6 (see video) Players have confirmed you can farm him repeatedly until the schematic drops the same day.


DescriptionIn service of the great Purpose, desertwing hunters were designed to fill distant skies of forgotten realms of the Shadowlands.

Source: on top of a pillar in the Plain of Actualization (see video)

DescriptionSince the Jailer’s incursion, new raptora have been synthesized by Zereth Mortis that are capable of resisting the corrupting influence of the Maw.

Source: drops from the Mawsworn Hulk

DescriptionThe raptora swooper is one of the most vicious iterations of its kind, perfectly suited for its ecological niche. Needing no further adjustments, the ones synthesized today are identical to those created in the past.

Source: located in the Chamber of Shaping (see video)


DescriptionThese tarachnids move with a purpose unknown to others, answering only to a higher calling. Whatever that may be, it appears to include routine assistance to mortals who need a ride. For now.

Source: enter Exile’s Hollow as a ghost (see video)

DescriptionThe Enlightened who have observed tarachnids believe that this variety may be some of the first beings to ever walk the land of Zereth Mortis.

Source: located on top of the Genesis Alcove (see video)

DescriptionThese tarachnids make their home in the darkest corners of Zereth Mortis, coming out only to hunt (or, sometimes, carry a rider around).

Source: behind a blocked door (see video)


DescriptionBronzewing vespoids are the result of attempting to synthesize a vespoid queen with no other members of a new hive. While no mortal has yet discovered how to synthesize a hive, the bronzewings are reliable mounts just as they are.

Source: located inside Gravid Repose (see video)

DescriptionBuzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz! Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz. Buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz buzz.

Source: Chance to drop from the Pulp-Covered Relic (see video)

DescriptionThere’s nothing that can make you feel as alive quite like riding through the realm of Death while atop a being that hates you.

Source: sticking out of a hive (see video)

DescriptionA flutterer is an overgrown vespoid worker created to carry a rider. Rather than looking to a queen for leadership, it looks to its rider to guide it in all things.

Source: under a pile of sand (see video)


DescriptionRed-colored vombata are considered lucky by the Enlightened. It was a red vombata that was present when they first arrived in Zereth Mortis.

Source: inside the Grateful Boon treasure

DescriptionMost vombata enjoy tunnelling through the ground, but these sniffers seem to have an unerring ability to locate crystals buried deep underground and will congregate around large deposits.

Source: located in the Halondrus boss encounter area in Sepulcher. After you kill the boss, go back to the second room. In the north part of the second room (per the map), there’s a big ZM-style ball half-buried. On the left of the ball (looking north), about 10yrds from it, there’s a plant and the schematic is right next to it.

DescriptionThe schematic to synthesize these darkened vombata seem to have appeared as a reaction to the Mawsworn invasion. The resulting vombata look different–darker, much like the invaders–but behave normally.

Source: in a cage at the Arrangement Index (see video)

What You’ll Need To Build A Protoform Synthesis Mount

Apart from the schematic, each recipe is made up of 3 parts – a lattice, rare component and genesis motes. There’s a chance to loot any of the components needed from the Olea Cache including the items coming from the raid. Woot!

  • The rare components are Bind on Account.

Bauble of Pure Innovation

Rare Component Source
Bauble of Pure Innovation (2) Inside Exile’s Hollow at 34.49, 49.70 (see image)
Crystallized Echo of the First Song (4) looted from the Sepulcher of the First Ones island (see video)
Eternal Ragepearl (2) elite mobs
Lens of Focused Intention (2) Sold by Vilo for 300 Gold – The Enlightened revered
Mawforged Bridle (3) found in the High Value Cache inside the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid located before Artificer Xy’mox room
Protoform Sentience Crown (3) drops from the Dominated LaborerDominated Worldbreaker, and Dominated Runeshaper on Antecedent Isle, Fettered Gunner in Endless Sands, Discordant Sentry in Provis Strata, Dominated Jiro in Fissure Breach
Revelation Key (2) dropped by the Protector of the First Ones (rare elite)
Tools of Incomprehensible Experimentation (3) dropped by Lihuvim inside the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid
Unalloyed Bronze Ingot (2) small chance to get one from the 4th option of the Requisites Originator in Repertory Alcove, one of the Locus Shift treasure rooms.

  1. Unlock the Repertory Alcove from the Repertory Alcove Arrangement at 49.6, 31.0, inside the Terrestial Cache, on the left wall (see video)

What do you require in this interval?
🗨 Access Auric Reserves
🗨 Retrieve Portable Anima Reservoir
🗨 Generate Encoded Specie
🗨 Restore Genesis Potencies
🗨 Blend Utility Components
🗨 Synthesis [sic] Ancillary Combat Implement

Wind’s Infinite Call (2) dropped by the Enhanced Avians on the Sepulcher of the First Ones island
  • A Lattice forms the body of the creature you’re creating. For example, an Aurelid Lattice will drop from Jellyfish mobs (Aurelid) with rare versions like Hirukon having a higher drop rate. Mounts are also listed since this is a component they have in common. Lattices are used by both pets and mounts.
Reagent Source Lattice Used For
Ambystan Lattice Axolotl mobs like Otiosen (rare) or E’rnee duplicate etc Ambystan Darter
Archetype of Metamorphosis
Aurelid Lattice Jellyfish mobs like Hirukon (rare) or other Aurelid, etc Archetype of Renewal
Terror Jelly
Bufonid Lattice Frog mobs like Gorkek (rare) or Overgrown Bufonid and Accelerated Bufonid, etc Goldplate Bufonid
Prototype Leaper
Russet Bufonid
Archetype of Serenity
Cervid Lattice Stag mobs like Chitali the Eldest (rare) or Native Cervid, etc Deathrunner
Pale Regal Cervid
Reins of the Sundered Zerethsteed
Geomental Lattice Earth Elemental mobs like Tethos (rare) or Time-Scarred Geomental and Overgrown Geomental, etc Archetype of Animation
Stabilized Geomental
Helicid Lattice Snail mobs like Orixal (rare) or Accelerated Helicid and Overgrown Helicid, etc Archetype of Vigilance
Bronze Helicid
Scarlet Helicid
Unsuccessful Prototype Fleetpod
Leporid Lattice Rabbit mobs like the Clutch Guardian or Agitated Leponid Archetype of Multiplicity
Leaping Leporid
Lupine Lattice Wolf mobs like Vexis (rare) or Lupine Animate, etc Heartbond Lupine
Poultrid Lattice Appears to be a very low drop from Avian Nests (one of the repeatable treasures in the zone). Seems like an unusual source. Archetype of Satisfaction
Violent Poultrid
Proto Avian Lattice Mechanical bird mobs like the Mawtouched Avian or
Enhanced Avian. Picked mine up outside the raid.
Archetype of Motion
Raptora Lattice Hawk mobs including the rares Garudeon and Tahkwitz, as well as Grasslands Raptora, etc Desertwing Hunter
Mawdapted Raptora
Raptora Swooper
Scarabid Lattice Beetle mobs including Hadeon the Stonebreaker (rare) and Sand Matriarch Ileus (rare). Archetype of Survival
Fierce Scarabid
Tarachnid Lattice Spider mobs including Mother Phestis (rare) or lesser Tarachnid mobs, etc Genesis Crawler
Ineffable Skitterer
Tarachnid Creeper
Archetype of Predation
Unformed Lattice Automa core mobs including the Destabilized Core (rare) or Adrift Core Archetype of Focus
Omnipotential Core
Resonant Echo
Vespoid Lattice Wasp mobs including the rares FeastingZatojin, or lesser mobs like Vespoid Overseer, etc Bronzewing Vespoid
Forged Spiteflyer
Vespoid Flutterer
Archetype of Malice
Viperid Lattice Snake mobs like Furidian, etc Archetype of Cunning
Viperid Menace
Vombata Lattice Vombata mobs like Sorranos (rare) or Vombata Matron, etc Adorned Vombata
Curious Crystalsniffer
Darkened Vombata
Archetype of Discovery
Tunneling Vombata

Must Have Addon

Protoform Synthesis Field Journal – A simple addon to display all pets and mounts you can make at the Protoform Synthesis forge while away from the forge in Zereth Mortis. (see demo)

Which mount will you create first?