The other day Navimie celebrated her 2nd Blogiversary at The Daily Frostwolf – Druid Edition. As a lovely gesture to thank her readers, she created a personal gift for everyone who left her a comment to the post. By the looks of it she certainly has her work cut out for her. My gift turned out the be the awesome crossword seen below. If you’ve been following my Blog for a while you might know a few of these already without having to hunt the answers down.


cymre crossword Bubblicious Crossword
2. Diver, Cleopatra and Nurse are examples from Cymre’s ——- post
4 + 4 down + 1 down. Monkey in a ball —– —— ——
6. Cloth chest that would complete Cymre’s Cleopatra outfit ——- —–
9. Armour sets
11. Cymre likes taking action pictures of these
13. See 17 Down
14. ——- Amber
16. See 23 Down
18. What class is Cymre?
20. Cymre’s guild
24. Abbreviation for where we play the WoW stockmarket
25. Cymre is a member of the Blog ——- community
27 and 21 down. This person created the Through Your Interface challenge ——– —

1. See 4 across
3. Cymre’s favourite title
4. See 4 across
5. A beautiful but now evil highborn queen
7. Cymre has over 9000 of these
8. Burgy ———-
9. A horde race
10. Able was I — I saw Elba
12. Cymre has this title – Blood—- Admiral
15. Druid spell that causes the attacker to take nature damage
17 and 13 across. Uldum achievement — —- or Two?
21. See 27 across
22. Cooking Title
23 and 16 across. Rare spawn in Vashj’ir who sings
26. A greeting without laughing out loud.

As an alternative, you can download the puzzle below
Cymre’s Crossword 16kb (PDF)

Why not have a go and test your knowledge. Just don’t forget to let me know how you go in the comments below.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did :)