If Azeroth was the real world, where would you vacation to?

Ordinarily, I would have said the Gallywix Pleasure Palace in Azshara since that’s where I had my last big vacation. But recently I’d heard rumours about a new resort in Feralas already buzzing with activity. As a Field Correspondent, I was able to gather a bit of Intel from my most recent assignment. However, the place is so ‘Hush, Hush’ that I couldn’t even find a name for the resort.

steam pools Steam Pools of Feralas

Revitalise your senses in the Steam Pools

beach Steam Pools of Feralas

Take in the Beach View

It wasn’t too hard finding everything you need as the Goblins were friendly enough. Just make sure you take a good look around because you never know who you’ll find there.

steampools fdirector Steam Pools of Feralas

You’ll find the Resort Director right inside the hut on the right

steampools chef Steam Pools of Feralas

It was quite unnerving being so close to his butcher’s knife (given his reputation and temper) so I gave his menu a miss.

steampools drinks Steam Pools of Feralas

Better get there early for cocktail hour

steampools burgers Steam Pools of Feralas

Sadly, the fast food line was even longer

steampools mammoth Steam Pools of Feralas

Take a scenic tour on one of the Travel Mammoths

steampools fishing Steam Pools of Feralas

Perhaps join Trip Hullbolt on the daily fishing expedition aboard the Lucky Bucket

steampools lounge Steam Pools of Feralas

Daily expeditions can be tiresome so it’s nice to relax for a while. Notice anyone familiar in the background?

vyrkul johnny Steam Pools of Feralas

Five points if you got it right. Of course, he’s the centre of attention.

steampools gnome Steam Pools of Feralas

Spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach

steampools construct Steam Pools of Feralas

Makes me wonder what else is coming with all the construction going on

Edit: The zone is used for a phased version of the Mysterious Camel Figurine event.

Find out more about the creative challenge set up by Saz at World of Saz where we’ve been tasked with sharing 15 days of screenshots.