The other day, Nightvyxen told me that I was the top player on Dath with the most number of pets. I admit I was intrigued by this and went looking for where she might have seen this. At first I thought Blizzard might have some sort of ranking table like their challenge mode or something but then I checked Warcraft Pets to see the list for Dath’remar.

Top on Dath

Once upon a time I was at the top of the achievement list – by a long shot. It’s funny how another facet of the game can take up so much of your time now.

Today turned out to be a pretty productive day on the Pet Battle front. I ended up getting my 400 unique pet achievement which gave me the Venus pet.


I also noticed that I was fairly close to getting my Quality & Quantity achievement so I slowly worked on getting my last seven between doing other things. Unfortunately, I still haven’t seen it rain on the Isle but I logged out with my 50th rare pet under my belt.

Quality and Quantity

Phew! Now to work on some of those other achievements.