When I heard the Pygmy Cow would be unique to the garrison barn, it became a valid choice to build one although it now takes 125 Work Orders to unlock the level 3 blueprint. I thought I could just capture one once my level 3 barn was complete but there was no pet battling involved.

It turns out the pet comes from looting a Warm Glass of Milk that can spawn on either level of a fully built (Level 3) barn. There are three known spawn locations in the Horde version.

  • Ground floor as you enter the barn, hop over the fence on your left. It will be on the ground near the water trough
  • Ground floor on a shelf in the kitchen area
  • Top floor on a shelf

Warm Glass of Milk for the Pygmy Cow

So after fully upgrading my barn, I was excited to add the pet to my collection but after several days, I still didn’t have one. I became more and more perplexed after checking the barn several times a day but there was no milk in sight. I’d read it can spawn on the 1st level of the barn but there was no easy way to walk upstairs since the ladder was just for show.

Reaching the top floor of the barn

Aviana’s Feather (quest reward from the Inn) or any other item that can shoot you into the air.

Gnomish Gravity Well (engineering item) – I have not tried this since I’m a goblin specialist.

If you have access to the Goblin Workshop, you can also use the XD-57 rocket.

Goblin Glider (engineering item) – as seen in the video.

If your barn is on the other side of the garrison floor (near the mine), try switching its location via the architect table. If you still don’t see the glass in any location, try removing the follower you have assigned. The glass is unique and can only be looted by the owner of the garrison so if you want more than one, you will need to loot it on two other alts.

Feel free to share any other tips and add any new locations of the Warm Glass of Milk.