Ahh, the great outdoors! The Rockfangs were one of the first new and updated models I’d fallen in love with during the beta. Now I wasn’t planning on taming anything on my hunter or really playing her this expansion so didn’t think much about them until I dinged 70 a few days ago.

When I mentioned on stream I saw a purple (or at least what looked like a rare) Wild Rockfang on someone’s video a couple of days ago, Spanky told me the name of this variant which inspired me to log on and capture one for myself. It turns out Hamett has a chance to spawn after killing Sutaan one of the objectives needed for a quest in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

That sounded like a bit of a hassle so I headed to The Waking Shores to look for the lookalike version I’d read about on Petopia. I didn’t have to look too hard as I found one sleeping near the cave at ~ 54, 50. I can’t remember the last time I’d tamed something on my hunter but was surprised at how quick and painless it was. At first, I thought it was because they were a neutral mob and after noticing all the cool skins the Wild Rockfangs had, I decided to stable another pet so I could come back and tame a second… or maybe a third once I’d decided btwn the beige or maybe another.

Wild Rockfang tame

The last time I did something similar was back in Uldum. However, that took a lot more effort since it was rare and came in five colour variations.

Madexx tame

I wonder if I’ll end up taming any more pets in Dragonlight. It seems my love for rare skins continues… even though the cat I thought was purple is actually grey. Oh, I just remembered the mice in the Caverns. Better clear out another two spots or so.

rock mouse

What pets have you tamed during this expansion?