To many of you, The Princess Bride needs no introduction. It was the very first movie I ever purchased back when VHS was a popular format. I got a real kick out of seeing these Sumprush Rodents running all over the Lower and Upper Sumprushes in Townlong Steppes. In fact, I’d secretly hoped there would be some sort of hidden treasure like a piece of Buttercup’s torn dress or something but it wasn’t meant to be.

Lower Sumprushes

Buttercup: Westley, what about the R.O.U.S.’s?
Westley: Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.

Swamp Rodent
Swamp Rodent
Then when I found out about the Dominance Offensive, it just seemed like another rep to grind until I heard the Sumprush Rodents would be tied to this new faction. If anything I thought they’d be a wild pet to capture but it turns out you need to farm 2000x Domination Point Commissions or Lion’s Landing Commissions and then trade them in to Ongrom Black Tooth for a Rodent Crate.

Rodent Crate

Even though I started my rep grind a day later than most, I still managed to accumulate 744 commissions to date. However, Coolidge surprised me with the Rodent Crate allowing me to capture one a little bit early. <3

Luckily for me, I managed to find a rare after my 5th battle.

Sumprush Rodent

From what I’ve noticed, the rodents are between 23-25 but a pretty easy battle. The crate can only be placed inside Domination Point (or its Alliance counterpart), so you just need to complete the initial quests to open up the landing site since the base is phased. Once the crate’s been used, anyone with the pet battle skill can capture the seemingly endless supply of beasts before the buff runs out. For me it was 20 mins but apparently, they just stop spawning after that time and stay up for at least an hour unless they are all captured within that time.

So thx again Cool for my blogiversary gift. This was one pet I was dying to have. :D