Last night I logged in to find that Navi had a surprise for me. At first, I thought she meant a Battle-Stone since she’s been getting a lot of them lately. But she said no, it’s the Burning Spirit pet. OMG, that is so much better than a stone… especially when I’ve been doing the dailies every day.

We met up at the Thundering daily spot when I noticed that I could see the Thundering daily up again before the 4 am daily reset. At the same time, Navi offered to do the daily in case an extra pet dropped but no cigar. I tried again and failed the first time but was happy to receive my gift and learn it. There was a lot of emoting going on between us by that stage :P

Pandaren Fire Spirit

So I tried again on my mage until I succeeded and guess what? The pet was in the bag!

Pandaren Earth Spirit

Unbelievable! This means that my set is finally complete with the three remaining classic pets to get.

Thanks again Navi for my new Fire Spirit <3