The Trading Post is the new in-game rewards shop coming to Patch 10.0.5. It’s a great way to collect a heap of cosmetic items as well as some pets and mounts including the Celestial Steed. Yep, the one you probably bought for AUD$34 when it was added to the Blizzard Store in April 2010.

Celestial Steed and Celestial Dragon

Trading Post Pets

Several pets will be added to the Trading Post when it launches on February 1st. To purchase any of the rewards, you will need to earn Trader’s Tender by completing various challenges like showing love to the Aspects or completing WQs. The rewards rotate every month and will be able to earn 1,500 Trader’s Tenders in the first month alone. From there it will be a maximum of 1,000 per month. To see your progress, open the Traveler’s Log in the Adventure Guide. The first pet to appear is a little ogre who is oddly mesmerising.


Garrlok – 750 Trader’s Tenders (February)
Check out the preview on February’s Trading Post.

Ancient Gorian blood runs through Garrlok’s veins. As far as anyone knows, only his diminutive stature keeps his imperial ambitions in check.

pandaren monk

Pandaren Monk – 750 Trader’s Tenders (March)
This pet was originally sold from the In-game Shop. See the entire inventory from March’s Trading Post.

The Pandaren monk is a fearless travelling companion, constantly training in his art… unless you offer him a drink. He considers it rude to refuse.


Egbob – 600 Trader’s Tenders (April)
This is a recoloured version of Egbert from Children’s Week. See the entire inventory from April’s Trading Post.

Some hawkstriders are destined to be great. Others are destined to be Egbob.


Pippin – 600 Trader’s Tenders (May)
This is a recoloured version of the Alarm-O-Dog from the Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon. I wouldn’t say this is a cheaper version since they only have one ability in common. See the entire inventory from May’s Trading Post.

He has a heart of gold. Literally. These shiny good-boys are all the rage with affluent gnomes everywhere.


Buzzworth – 600 Trader’s Tenders (June)
Almost identical to the Seabreeze Bumblebee sold by Sister Lilyana in Stormsong Valley for 250 Polished Pet Charms (requires Storm’s Wake – Revered) but only have 3 abilities in common. The latter has an armoured plate on its back compared to Buzzworth’s bare back. See the entire inventory from June’s Trading Post.

Some species of red bees are known to lead solitary lives. Still, this busy bee seems happy to make time for you.

spectral tiger cub

Spectral Tiger Cub – 750 Trader’s Tenders (July)

Originally part of the “Scourgewar” Trading Card Game if you were lucky enough to get your hands on the Spectral Kitten card. Even though I already had the Trading Card version, the pet was not marked as learnt in the Trading Post inventory list and the former is still cageable. See the entire inventory from July’s Trading Post.

Affectionate and curious, these kittens seem to find the most peculiar hiding places.

spirit of competitionSpirit of Competition – 650 Trader’s Tenders (August)

This pet was first introduced as a battleground reward during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. See the entire inventory from August’s Trading Post.

These stunning creatures, awarded to heroes for victory in battle, represent bravery and strength.

slyvySlyvy – 650 Trader’s Tenders (September)

Always cool to add another spectral pet to the collection. See the entire inventory from September’s Trading Post.

These astral phenomena are rarely sighted due to the speed of the slyvern. It is a good omen to have one following you around.

Lil’ K.T. – 650 Trader’s Tenders (October)

lil kt

This is the same version as the one previously listed in the game shop. See the entire inventory from October’s Trading Post.

In life, Kel’Thuzad betrayed the Kirin Tor and created the Cult of the Damned. In death, he serves the Scourge as the Archlich Lord of Naxxramas. Watch with misplaced pride as he randomly freezes critters and laughs maniacally at your vanquished PvP foes.


Drazka’zet the Wrathful – 650 Trader’s Tenders (November)
A recoloured version of Miimii. See the entire inventory from November’s Trading Post.

Fooled aeons ago by the clever loa of death into a bargain of unceasing service, this tiny ancient being carries out his duties eternally red with rage.

mitzyMitzy – 600 Trader’s Tenders (December)

What a fitting pet for Christmas… I mean Winter Veil. See the entire inventory from December’s Trading Post.

When she grows up, Mitzy wants to guide Greatfather Winter’s sleigh just like Metzen, her famous dad. Until then, she’s more than happy to come with you on your adventures.


Buttercup is the bonus reward for filling the activity bar at the Trading Post in December. This is our first time seeing a pet as the final reward. I wonder how many complaints we’ll get about it?

His pink antlers make him the life of any party.

time-lost salamantherTime-Lost Salamanther – 600 Trader’s Tenders (January 2024)
A recoloured version of Palamanther. See the entire inventory from January’s Trading Post.

This Salamanther met itself while lost in time. The two hung out on a rock together for a few hours. It was nice.

buggsyBuggsy and Nelle – 250 Trader’s Tenders each (February 2024)nelle

Farmers will often release maidenbugs to battle the pests that threaten their crops. Buggsy was so good at this that she decided to go pro.

Though fully-grown maidenbugs are able to fly, Nelle is just a bit too young for that. She’s happy to skitter alongside you all the same.

See the entire inventory from February’s Trading Post.

TeeleTeele is the final reward for filling the bar (March 2024)
Looks just like the Stonewhiskers that can appear in multiple colours.

Teele’s grandparents told him they were the mice that discovered Azeroth. They were also champion fibbers.

See the entire inventory from March’s Trading Post.

auraAura is the final reward for filling the bar (April 2024)
At a young age Aura donned her magic hat, took her crystal staff, and set off for adventure into the unknown.

See the entire inventory from April’s Trading Post.

pokee Trading Post PetsPokee – 400 Trader’s Tenders (May 2024)
The needle in Pokee’s chest isn’t exactly comfortable fashion, but he’s stuck with it.

See the entire inventory from May’s Trading Post.

Future Additions

Other pets have been datamined but it will have to wait until we see the rest. Don’t worry though, you can lock one item to keep it active or wait until it cycles through again if you missed out the first time.

Yellow maidenbugs are often mistaken for other yellow insects. This happens even more often to Beetriz, and she doesn’t understand why.


Lil’ Maka’jin
Looks like Ben’jin and Maka’fon have kept busy since you last saw them. Maka’jin is ready for adventure but will settle for a large pile of leafy greens.

Watcher of the Huntress

Watcher of the Huntress
To its foes, this Watcher’s innocent eyes belie the lethal danger of a prowling Huntress, waiting in the shadows.

She sees you when you’re sleeping.

Worgli the Apprehensive
Maybe give up! Maybe surrender!

Ancient Gorian blood runs through Marrlok’s veins. As far as anyone knows, his desire to rest for long stretches of time on a sunny beach keeps his imperial ambitions in check.

What do you think of this new set of pets?

Trading Post Pet Challenges

Looking for teams from those Trading Post challenges? Here are the strategies I’ve used for all the challenges.