This is an achievement I was itching to get as I loved the idea of having two priests at max level, like something out of Alias (one of my favourite shows). So with Cymre as my main, I knew that my Alliance priest would be a given as to who to level up on this side – not that I had many choices anyway.

As usual, we levelled while questing in Dread Wastes, skipping a lot of quests along the way but that’s ok since we’ve played through them all before. I am looking forward to working through Operation: Shieldwall though, having read a few blog posts about it but I suspect we’ll take our time with it.

Celestial Steed

To celebrate my double achievement, I couldn’t decide which mount to use so I selected my two favourite shots.

My main focus now is to generate enough gold to buy flying in Pandaria although I don’t have my epic flying yet either. Here’s hoping all my auctions sell :P