Have you noticed the new fluff items from your daily Blingtron Package lately? A Steamy Romance Novel may be old news to some but the Blingtron Heart Key is certainly new. Then that got me thinking… along the lines of finding all sorts of treasures around Pandaria, what if we could find random body parts, kind of like piecing the Crumbled Chamberlain together and making our own robots but each piece had a random chance to be a different colour or design – like one could be a bionic arm or some other unique feature.


Maybe one design could look like Blingtron or Jeeves or possibly a new design but you couldn’t see what kind of robot you had until you had all the pieces.


The Crumbled Chamberlain

I imagine my robot to be a companion like the Argent Gruntling who can sell, trade or access your bank. Maybe even loot stuff like the Fetch glyph for Hunters or Helpful Wikky’s Whistle. On the other hand, imagine if we had a portable hand-in for all those archaeology artifacts without having to go back to the Seat of Knowledge every day. If that’s the case, handing in those pristine items could open up a holographic dialogue of sorts letting us know more about the item we’ve discovered.

I don’t know, maybe I just have Archaeology on the brain but finding all those Lost Treasures and Riches of Pandaria injected a new kind of excitement I’ve been missing for a long time.