If you’ve been questing in Kun-Lai Summit, you might have noticed a majestic looking albeit slow-moving turtle in the north-eastern part of the zone. Lon’li Guju is a tribute to Lonesome George who became a conservation icon for Ecuador and conservation efforts around the world.

The last of his kind, he was first discovered during the early 1970s on Pinto Island. For years, environmentalists tried unsuccessfully to mate him with females of a similar subspecies but the two attempts did not produce any viable eggs. The hope of leaving some sort of biological legacy died with him when he was found motionless by his watering hole. Scientists estimate he was 100 years old when he passed which was only about half his life expectancy.

After his death, some of his cells were cryogenically frozen in the hopes of cloning him when sufficient research had been done. The rest of his body was embalmed and put on display at the research centre where he lived in Santa Cruz.


Now just watch what happens when you emote him in-game. Note that you can do this from a fair distance away.

Lon'li Guju

I waved to him which prompted him to follow me for a while. I flew around the surrounding area to see if he still followed me and he did. He moves rather slowly when he’s a distance from you but just watch how he scrambles up to you when the distance is reduced.

Lon'li Guju - kiss

Happy flying Lon’li Guju…

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