With an abundance of silver dragons to discover in Tanaan Jungle, the biggest challenge has proven to be a safe location in order to take a good shot. Most are riddled with pathing mobs including a number of elites and with 50 rares to find, here’s a sample of some of the ones I’ve found.

Jungle Hunter requires only 25 kills while Jungle Stalker requires all.

Drops include tokens for ilvl 44 loot (with a chance to upgrade), Apexis Crystals and Oil needed to fuel the new naval missions. Some even drop blueprints to pimp out your ships. With the launch of Shadowlands, rares are now level 42-43.

CaptainGrokmar Goreclaw Karavnos Magwia NightHaunter OverlordMagruth

Blueprint Schematics

Note: a recent hotfix allows you to loot blueprints from any rare in the area.

The Saberstalkers

All four give 600 reputation when killed.

BlackfangGloomtalonKrellSerene Soulsplicer


BramblefellFelflame Campfire

Remnant of the Blood MoonVial of Red Goo

High Priest IkzanCursed Feather of Ikzan

Several rares were added in 6.2.2 who also drop toys.



Ceraxas – A cute Fel Puppy spawns as soon as you kill the rare.


Imp-Master ValessaSassy Imp

Champions of Hellfire Citadel


  • Terrorfist – Patrols between the Iron Front and Rangari Refuge
  • Deathtalon – Can be found at the Ruins of Kra’nak
  • Vengeance – Can be found at the Temple of Sha’naar
  • Doomroller – Can be found at the entrance of Hellfire Citadel

Each has a chance to drop one of three mounts, a reputation boost and 100x Oil guaranteed. Defeat all four to add another achievement to your collection.

Once you’ve killed all the rares for the Jungle Stalker achievement, you’re one step closer to getting the Predator title and achievement from Xemirkol – the final rare in the zone.