Yesterday, I was curious to see just how many Daenerys Targaryen Funko Pops I could find. Let me tell you, there are a lot! Check out some of the different coloured dragons below.

Daenerys Dragon Funkos

The red and green dragon on the left is the one I received as an early birthday present. The two other variants are part of the same release, although I’ve heard the pure red one Emilia’s holding is quite rare. The bronze and gold version is available as a Barnes and Noble exclusive. Australia even had its own version of a limited release from JB Hi-Fi.

That’s four right there!

So after all this fascination with the Mother of Dragons, I was inspired to recreate her Dothraki-style outfit which turned out better than my first attempt.

I’d like to give her other costumes a try including her wedding dress and more glamorous outfits but I’ll see how I go. Also, featuring her other Funkos in one post would be too much cuteness in one place.