argi blizzard store pet draenor battle petsHere are all the Draenor battle pets that will be available when Warlords of Draenor launches including Argi from the in-game shop.

The expansion pet will be the Dread Hatchling. On a side note, if you have the Dread Hatchling out while mounted on either the Dread Raven or the Raven Lord, a heart appears above its head for about 3 seconds.


Stormwing - So. Many. Pets

Stormwing – rewarded once you’ve collected 600 unique battle pets for So. Many. Pets

Trunks – rewarded from An Awfully Big Adventure (looking for pet battle strategies?)
Royal Peacock – Draenor Pet Master
Molten Corgi – Feat of Strength: WoW’s 10th Anniversary
Hatespark the Tiny – Feat of Strength: WoW’s 10th Anniversary
Pygmy Cow – requires Level 3 Barn (see video)
Deathwatch Hatchling – Guild vendor – Challenge Warlords: Gold – Guild Edition

Blizzard Pets


Brightpaw – charity pet for the Make-a-Wish Foundation (available from 2 Dec 2015)


Bronze Whelping – Iron Horde, Blasted Lands
Eye of Observation – Omoro the Observer, Taladar
Servant of Demidos – Demidos, Shadowmoon Valley
Lanticore Spawnling – rare in UBRS (heroic)

Doom Bloom

Doom Bloom – inside a cave in Steamscar Rise, Gorgrond


Fruit Hunter – Wiggling Egg, Grom’gar

Hydraling - Varasha's Egg, Spires of Arak

Hydraling – Varasha’s Egg, Spires of Arak

Grovestrider Hatchling

Teroclaw Hatchling – looted from a Teroclaw Nest

Crimson Spore

Brilliant Spore, Crimson SporeUmbrafen Spore

Zomstrok - Darktide Husk and Boneshell, Shadowmoon Valley

Zomstrok – Darktide Husk and Boneshell, Shadowmoon Valley


Ancient Nest Guardian – Arch
Frostwolf Ghostpup – Arch

Lil’ Leftovers – Cooking

Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar – Eng
Mechanical Axebeak – Eng
Mechanical Scorpid – Eng
Sky-Bo – Blingtron 4000 or 5000 gift package

Nightshade Sproutling – Herbalism
Ore Eater – Mining

Soul of the Forge - Blacksmithing

Soul of the Forge – Blacksmithing


Elekk Plushie – Tailoring (see video for animations)

Mastering the Menagerie

The following have a chance to be looted from the quest bag rewarded from the Mastering the Menagerie quest. If you’re looking for some teams to defeat the Menagerie encounters, check out the playlist.

Ghastly Kid
Albino Chimaeraling
Puddle Terror
Sun Sproutling
Sunfire Kaliri

Everbloom Peachick – Quest: For the Birds
Iron Starlette – complete the questline in Blasted Lands
Sentinel’s Companion – Quest: Little Sister Lost


Ikky – starts from Ikky’s Egg in Shadowglade, Spires of Arak

Digrem Orebar
Meadowstomper Calf – starts from Digrem Orebar, Ring of Trials.

Secret Pet

Terky white secret murloc pet

Terky – looted from the White Murloc Egg


Kaliri Hatchling

Kaliri Hatchling – sold by Vesharr


Rubyfeather – sold by Vesharr


Bone Wasp – One ogre ritual involves cupping a bone wasp in their hands and shaking vigorously. The venom increases strength and invokes vivid imagery. (Laughing Skull – Revered)
Draenei Micro Defender – Revered with Council of Exarchs
Frostwolf Pup – Revered with Frostwolf Orcs
Sky Fry – Revered with Sha’tari Skyguard
Albino River Calf – Their white hide would make them vulnerable to sunburn if it wasn’t as thick as plate armor. (Steamwheedle Preservation Society – Revered)
Forest Sproutling – Revered with Steamwheedle Preservation Society
Son of Sethe – Revered with Outcast Arakkoa

Garrison Vendor

Crazy Carrot draenor battle pet

The Crazy Carrot comes from the Garrison Herb Garden – costs 1,000 Draenic Seeds.

Sea Calf – requires Fishing Shack, rep with Nat Pagle (follower) and 50 Lucky Coins
Land Shark – requires Fishing Shack, Good friends with Nat Pagle (follower) and 50 Lucky Coins

Wild Pets

Frostfur Rat
Icespine Hatchling
Frostshell Pincher
Twilight Wasp
Ironclaw Scuttler

Moonshell Crab
Royal Moth
Mossbite Skitterer
Zangar Crawler

Axebeak Hatchling
Parched Lizard

Amberbarb Wasp
Wood Wasp
Mudback Calf

Flat-Tooth Calf
Brilliant Bloodfeather
Kelp Scuttler
Shadow Sporebat

Swamplighter Firefly
Bloodsting Wasp
Golden Dawnfeather
Thicket Skitterer

Mud Jumper
Leatherhide Runt

World Event

Syd the Squid

Syd the Squid chance to loot from the reward bag (see video for pet strategy)

Bush Chicken
Mystical Spring Bouquet
Lovebird Hatchling

Stout Alemental
Cursed Birman

Widget the Departed
Blazing Cindercrawler

Murkidan and Nibbles

Murkidan – BlizzCon 2015