After a certain tweet about a name change to my NPC yesterday, I was curious to see if Cymre’s surname had changed on Wowhead and was so excited to see a pinned location in Gorgrond. I actually gasped – OMG! I had to log in and see her for myself. The good news is, she’s pretty close to Beastwatch – your outpost location for the zone. From there, all you have to do is head southeast to Overlook Ruins.

Cymre Jones becomes Cymre Brightblade

Cymre Brightblade and pets

When you talk to her, she says:

This land is rich with treasure and adventure, and I’m not going to miss any of it.

However, I could spare some time to show you a few of my artifacts in action, if you prove yourself. Come back when you’ve mastered the pets of Draenor.

<This battle pet trainer requires a level three Pet Menagerie in your garrison>

Whoa! A level three menagerie requires:

  • Town Hall (Level 3) – which is only available at max level
  • Draenic Pet Battler – Win 1000 500 pet battles in Draenor to obtain the Level 3 menagerie blueprint

Edit: It seems this won’t last long:

I love that her pets are just pottering around and she even has a tent, some archaeology tools and artifacts lying around. It makes me wonder what her speech options will be.

Her team consists of a mechanical, undead and magic pet, just like the archaeology and enchanting lookalikes. I’ll admit the lantern threw me at first, but it seems to be a unique archaeological find of mine, err hers.

Gyrexle, the Eternal MechanicLaunch Rocket, Railgun, Repair
Idol of DecayDark Rebirth, Swarm of Flies, Rot
Wishbright LanternArcane Blast, Illuminate, Wish

Looks like a pretty nasty team but I’m up for the challenge. How about you?

Any of this could change before the release but in the meantime, check out my video response.

Cymre brightblade and Belloc Brightblade in Ashran

Edit: If you talk to her now, you learn she’s the daughter of Belloc Brightblade – the Archaeology Trainer in Orgrimmar, neutral quest giver at Schnottz’s Landing, Uldum and quest NPC in Ashran (pictured). Some may recognise the reference to René Belloq, the main antagonist from Raiders of the Lost Ark but is not a character I would normally want to associate myself with. Luckily, I don’t follow his lack of morals.

How to beat Cymre Brightblade

Since Cymre’s the hardest pet trainer to beat this expansion, I’ve included two strategies but my go-to strat is the first Blossoming Ancient and Darkmoon Tonk featured in the video. Feel free to use your level 1’s here, just remember to heal your Tonk if you’re following my Gargra team as well.

My other Cymre Brightblade team was the one I originally used as my Elekk team but it’s not as fast as the one above which is why it’s the only team I’ve used since Warlords of Draenor launched.