Taking from the Taker is one of six relic hunter questlines offered by Harrison Jones, who can appear in your garrison Town Hall each day. Completing the Master Relic Hunter achievement rewards Harrison Jones as a follower.

It starts with the quest – The Silent Skull: Taking from the Taker

The Silent Skull: The Infected Orc

treasure contract infected orc

Fly to Everbloom Overlook in Gorgrond and kill Enthralled Mutants and Twisted Guardians for the Journal.

The First Reagent

the silent skull the first reagent Taking From The Taker

Fly to Everbloom Wilds to find the Shadethistle Leaves under some rock formations.

The Second Reagent

the silent skull the second reagent Taking From The Taker

Fly back to Everbloom Overlook and loot the Bonethorn Vine off some nearby bones.

The Third Reagent

the silent skull the third reagent Taking From The Taker

Travel past the hydra pools and steam vents in the upper part of Everbloom Wilds to locate the Steamcap Mushrooms.

Taking from the Taker

taker5 1 Taking From The Taker

Enter the nearby cave to brew and drink the elixir. This will allow you to talk to the Brightscale Ravager at the cave entrance who will lead you to Skulltaker. Be sure to avoid any skulls and their auras (just like the Timeless Isle cave for Zarhym Altogether). Kill Skulltaker and collect his Silent Skull. Hearth back to the Garrison.

Hand the quest into Rokhan for your 150G reward.