As you spend time in Zandalar, you’ll probably notice a few Mysterious Trashpiles scattered around or unusual drops from mobs in the area. To interact with these trashpiles, you’ll need to pick up the quest Pests from Nokano in The Zocalo, Zuldazar. Alliance players can pick this up from Shaterstone Harbour, Vol’dun.

Curse of Jani - The Zocalo

Completing this first part leads you to Jani (the Loa of Scavengers) and the final part of the questline. Jani offers you Curse of Jani which requires you to survive his trial of being transformed into a snapper and reaching the NPC at the far end of the square without being detected.

Thief and killer, know dat ya be standin’ before da Patron of Scavengers, da Lord of Thieves, da God of Garbage, Master of Minions, and da Keeper of Secrets.

Ya be standin’ before me in raiment worth entire kingdoms of gold, bearin’ weapons dat cost more than even me most devout and renowned followers will ever earn.

I tink now be a good time ta teach ya a lesson. Maybe show ya high and mighty greatness what it means ta be snappin’ in da gutters.

Avoid aggroing any guards (or stealthy spiders in the bushes) otherwise, you’ll lose your illusion and have to start again. Once you reach the NPC, right-click to ‘bite’ him. This completes your trial and opens up the ability to interact with Jani’s trashpiles all over Zandalar.

Haha! Well done, wealthy stranger. When you are about in these lands, keep your eyes open. You never know when one of my children might be pointing you to a useful place.

When you’re out and about, keep an eye out for these cute little snappers because it usually means there’s a Mysterious Trashpile nearby. They can be found all over Zuldazar, Vol’dun or Nazmir and when you click one, Jani will either transform you into a snapper where you perform a certain task or complete some sort of hand-in.

Get Hek’t

Child of JaniThere are 12 Mysterious Trashpiles needed for the Get Hek’d achievement – the prerequisite for the Child of Jani pet sold by Happy Holaua (the pet vendor in the Dazar’alor) for 100 Polished Pet Charms. Even though this is a Horde location, it appears you can still purchase the pet as an Alliance player provided you’ve completed the achievement.

Jani’s Trashpile Locations

For the location of each task, click any of the titles below.


Golden Ravasaur Egg – The Feeding Grounds

Big Hunter Mon – Nesingwary’s Trek

The Great Hat Robbery

The Great Hat Robbery – The Slough

Feathered Viper Scale – Rootway


Charged Ranishu Antennae – Court of Zak’rajan

Polished Ringhorn Hoof – Bouldered Bluffs

Sturdy Redrock Jaw – The Eternal Spring

Saurid Surprise – Scorched Sands Arena


Taking the Loa Road – Sunken Path

Nazwathan Relic – Nazwatha

Snapjaw Tail – Primal Wetlands

Vilescale Pearl – Krag’wa’s Shore

Lost Zandalari Relic

In Patch 8.1, you’ll be able to convert the Mysterious Trashpiles into additional scrappers so you don’t have to keep going back to the city to use the Shred-master Mk1 or Scrapomatic 1000. Considering Jani’s the Gold of Garbage, it makes sense, right?

Where’s Jani now??

Have something to turn in to Jani but turned your mysterious trashpiles into scrappers? No problem. All you have to do is speak to Chronicler Ash’tari again (NPC by the shrine above) to switch the loa back to one of the other two choices – Pa’ku or Donk.