These sunglasses would have to be the highest pair of sought-after BLING for fashionistas everywhere (or fans of Dame Edna Everage). Added back in 2011, they are still quite the rarity said to be a world drop in both Cata and MoP (including the Blingtron 4000 Gift Package). However, the design can only be seen by JC’ers making it that much rarer.

To anyone lucky enough to learn the design, please let me know as I’m not entirely convinced it exists in-game.

It’s often listed for thousands of gold so it’s no wonder it’s taken me several years to collect a pair of my own. Today that all changed when I found a pair in the AH for a very affordable price.

Rhinestonesmooch Rhinestonesmile Rhinestone

Sadly, you can’t mog these so all we need is an addon to switch headgear whenever we want to take a selfie (just like the Auto Safari Hat for pet battlers). I’m sure ‏and Fabulor would approve.