Get ready for a new breed of Family meta achievements for Family Fighter. This time, you’ll be battling 18 corrupted legendaries, like the Tiny Terrors in Tanaan. They will be evenly split between the subzones of Argus, kind of like Netherstorm without the connecting bridges or flying ability. To make things easier, the Vindicaar – our mobile base of operations – offers an extensive network of teleportation hubs. Beam me up, Scotty! Note, Mac’Aree (the third subzone) will be opened up in Week 2.

Thankfully, progress won’t be gated like the current set of Family Familiar NPCs so feel free to do them at your own pace – even if their quest isn’t up that day. Expect a high amount of RNG with these battles and I mean a lot! As always, you can follow my strategies on YouTube or click any of the names below. Rematch strings are available on Patreon.

Antoran Wastes

Antoran Wastes pet battle map

Bloat (Critter)
Antaen Cannon, Plagued Blood, Diseased Bite

Earseeker Family Fighter
Earseeker (Flying)
Antaen Cannon, Confusing Sting, Poison Spit

Minixis (Mechanical)
Antaen Cannon, Fel Exhaust, Chaos Beam

One-of-Many (Undead)
Antaen Cannon, Consume, Creepy Chomp

Pilfer (Humanoid)
Anaen Cannon, Jar of Smelly Liquid, Punch

Watcher Family Fighter
Watcher (Magic)
Antaen Cannon, Eyeblast, Eye Beam


Krokuun pet battle map

Retch Family Fighter
Retch (Critter)
Greater Apocalypse, Deep Bite, Acid Touch

Baneglow Family Fighter
Baneglow (Flying)
Greater Apocolypse, Spore Shrooms, Tail Sweep

Deathscreech Family Fighter
Deathscreech (Flying)
Greater Apocolypse, Infected Claw, Lift-Off

Fowlclaw Family Fighter
Foulclaw (Critter)
Greater Apocalypse, Crouch, Flurry

Gnasher Family Fighter
Gnasher (Critter)
Greater Apocalypse, Maul, Rip

Ruinhoof Family Fighter
Ruinhoof (Beast)
Greater Apocalypse, Chew, Hoof


Mac'aree pet battle map
Bucky (Beast)
Void Gate, Stampede, Trample

Corrupted Blood of Argus (Magic)
Void Gate, Slime, Siphon Life

Gloamwing (Flying)
Void Gate, Predatory Strike, Slicing Wind

Mar’cuus (Beast)
Void Gate, Prowl, Pounce

Shadeflicker (Beast)
Void Gate, Phase Shift, Claw

Snozz (Critter)
Void Gate, Buried Treasure, Flank

Family Fighter

Complete the following achievements:

Aquatic Assault Beast Blitz
Critical Critters Draconic Destruction
Elemental Escalation Fierce Fliers
Humanoid Havoc Magical Mayhem
Mechanical Melee Unstoppable Undead
Felclaw Marsuul.

Rewards the Felclaw Marsuul

While most of the marsuul on Argus feed on fruits, this particular one prefers the juicy crunch of small rodents.


To help keep track of the achievement, I highly recommend the Family Familiar Helper addon. It’s an easy way to see which families you still need to complete for any of the Family type metas. Check out my video on how it works.

Family Fighter addon