Ahh, Polished Pet Charms. These little buggers would have to be my biggest pet peeve this x-pac with pet battle world quests rewarding you with mostly pet bandages, a variety of stones or non-pet-related stuff. (Thankfully, this was hotfixed to reward pet charms more often.)

Polished Pet Charms in Battle for Azeroth

Considering there are ~5,000 to collect for the new BfA pets, you’ll want to make sure you do every relevant WQ if Polished Pet Charms are the reward. I mean, you wouldn’t want to accidentally* spend 60 of your hard-earned charms on Marked Flawless Battle-Stones when you thought they still used the old currency.

Thankfully, there are a number of treasures and rares you can loot to add another 68 charms per toon. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see them as a mission reward from time to time.


Stolen Thornspeaker Cache – 5 Polished Pet Charms
Merchant’s Chest – 5 Polished Pet Charms
Cottontail Matron – click the Beastly Ritual Skull (rare event) located in a cave within the Glenbrook Hunting Grounds (cave entrance at 52.5, 46.72) – 10 Polished Pet Charms

Stormsong Valley

Poacher Zane (rare) 34, 67 – 10 Polished Pet Charms
Sunken Strongbox – 5 Polished Pet Charms
Cat on a Hot Copper Roof (Alliance) – rescue a cat from a burning building – 10 Polished Pet Charms

Tiragarde Sound

Precarious Noble Cache – 5 Polished Pet Charms
Rodrigo’s Revenge (Alliance) – Drop Vile Bombardment on 100 pirates in Freehold – 10 Polished Pet Charms


Deadwood Chest – 10 Polished Pet Charms
Sandsunken Treasure – 5 Polished Pet Charms


Golden Ravasaur Egg – make sure you’ve completed Pests and The Curse of Jani beforehand (Horde version) or (Alliance version) – 8 Polished Pet Charms
The Exile’s Lament – 5 Polished Pet Charms


Ancient Defenses
Animal Research Project
Barren Supplies
Barren Supplies
Bestiary Cleanup
Explore the Roost
Overgrown Animals
Return to Auberdine


Clearly, there seems to be some Alliance bias with 8 sources (including 2 quests) rewarding pet charms as opposed to Horde’s 4.

Where to spend Polished Pet Charms

There are a number of Polished Pet Charm vendors in Battle for Azeroth.


Nigel Rifthold – Adventurer’s Society (Drustvar)
Magni Bronzebeard – The Speaker (Silithus)
Shoak – Tortollan Seekers (Nazmir)
Khang Ku – Rajani Provisioner (Vale of Eternal Blossoms)
Provisioner Qorra – Uldum Accord Quartermaster (Uldum)


Happy Holaua – Hall of Beasts (Dazar’alor)
Ransa Greyfeather – The Honorbound Emissary
Provisioner Lija – Talanji’s Expedition (Nazmir)
Olly – Alliance pet smuggler in Dazar’alor
Jenoh – Voldun


Dana Pull – Boralas
Madeline Netley – Stormsong Valley
Dodger – Horde pet smuggler (see how to unlock him)
Quartermaster Alcorn – Order of Embers Emissary (Drustvar)
Sister Lilyana – Storm’s Wake Emissary (Stormsong Valley)
Vindicator Jaelaana – 7th Legion Emissary (Boralas)

Don’t forget, you’ll need at least 3000 Polished Pet Charms to purchase the Shadowlands pets.

Polished Pet Charms in Shadowlands

The following mobs drop Polished Pet Charms in Ardenweald.

Macabre can pop up in several locations within Ardenweald. To spawn him, wait for the “Mysterious Mushroom Ring” to appear on the minimap. Three players need to stand inside the Ring of Dance and emote /dance with the player on their right.

Player 1 dances with Player 2.
Player 2 dances with Player 3.
Player 3 dances with Player 1.

Old Ardeite spawns above Shimmerbough. In order to engage him you will need to use the Basket of Enchanted Wings or Pinch of Faerie Dust to attack him in the air.

Deifir the Untamed requires you to mount, stun and DPS him down. He spawns around the Banks of Life area, northwest of Glitterfall Basin.

Gormbore – Head to Gormhive and start killing the regular-sized gorm until you see the warning that something large is moving underground. Keep killing gorm until the rare spawns.