In Battle for Azeroth, there are six new achievements to collect so be sure to loot all ten treasures that count towards the Treasures of Kul Tiras and Zandalar meta-achievement. Generally, I only record the tricker ones (if they take more than 30 secs to loot or find) so you normally won’t see every treasure recorded. I’ve made an exception in BfA though. :)

If you’re stuck on one (or a few), click on any of the titles below or check out the full playlist on YouTube.

Treasures of Drustvar

Merchant’s Chest – requires the Merchant’s Key (see video)
Runebound Cache contains the Drust Soulcatcher
Runebound Coffer contains the Drust Ritual Knife
Runebound Chest contains the Heartsbane Grimoire

Wicker Pup with female Blood Elf
The Wicker Pup comes from the following four treasures:
Bespelled Chest contains the Spooky Incantation
Enchanted Chest contains the Wolf Pup Spine
Hexed Chest contains the Bundle of Wicker Sticks
Ensorcelled Chest contains the Miniature Stag Skull

Stolen Thornspeaker Cache contains 5x Polished Pet Charms
Web-Covered Chest contains 2x Battle-Scarred Augment Rune

Treasures of Stormsong Valley

These Hills Sing achievement
Frosty Treasure Chest
Hidden Scholar’s Chest
Discarded Lunchbox – contains An Unforgettable Luncheon (needed for the achievement These Hills Sing – see video)
Venture Co. Supply Chest
Old Ironbound Chest
Sunken Strongbox
Smuggler’s Stash
Carved Wooden Chest – contains the Pig Nose (required for the Every Day I’m Truffling achievement – see video)
Forgotten Chest

Weathered Treasure Chest

Treasures of Tiragarde Sound

Hay Covered Chest
Precarious Noble Cache
Scrimshaw Cache
Cutwater Treasure Chest
Forgotten Smuggler’s Stash

Secret of the Depths – rewards the Gem of Acquiescence
Soggy Treasure Map
Yellowed Treasure Map
Faded Treasure Map
Singed Treasure Map

Treasures of Nazmir

Lucky Horace’s Lucky Chest
Cursed Nazmani Chest
Lost Nazmani Treasure
Shipwrecked Chest

Swallowed Naga Chest
Partially-Digested Treasure
Cleverly Disguised Chest
Offering to Bwonsamdi
Venomous Seal
Wunja’s Trove

Treasures of Vol’dun

Ashvane Spoils
Lost Explorer’s Bounty
Stranded Cache
Zem’lan’s Buried Treasure
Deadwood Chest

Grayal’s Last Offering
Sandfury Reserve
Excavator’s Greed
Lost Offerings of Kimbul
Sandsunken Treasure

Treasures of Zuldazar

Offerings of the Chosen
Spoils of Pandaria
Warlord’s Cache

Da White Shark’s Bounty
Cache of Secrets
Witch Doctor’s Hoard
Gift of the Brokenhearted
Dazar’s Forgotten Chest
The Exile’s Lament
Riches of Tor’nowa

Let me know if you found one particularly annoying or fun.