A new crafting system will be introduced in Eternity’s End: Patch 9.2 that will allow us to create twenty-eight battle pets through a new sub-profession called Protoform Synthesis. We also see the Axolotls pet I tweeted about several years ago.

Protoform Synthesis

Protoform Synthesis is similar to Junkyard Tinkering where you need to learn a heap of schematics to craft the new pets from Eternity’s End. Just like Mechagon, you can collect the reagents from Zereth Mortis. The reagents are either BoA or unbound so will be an alt-friendly zone for many players.

To gain access to Protoform Synthesis, you need to research Sopranian Understanding under the Dealic tree of the Cypher Research Console.

Synthesis Forge

Once Sopranian Understanding is fully researched, summon Pocopoc and complete the Protoform Synthesis quest by escorting your companion to the Protoform Synthesis Pet Forge just south of Pilgrim’s Grace. This unlocks the first 14 schematics.

Archetype of Discovery - pets from eternity's end

What You’ll Need To Build a Protoform Synthesis Pet

Apart from the schematic, each recipe is made up of 3 parts – a lattice, glimmer component and genesis motes. There’s a chance to loot any of the components needed from the Olea Cache including the items inside the raid. The Protoform Synthesis Field Journal can help track your missing mounts and pets in-game.

  • A Lattice forms the body of the creature you’re creating. For example, an Aurelid Lattice will drop from Jellyfish mobs (Aurelid) with rare versions like Hirukon having a higher drop rate. Mounts are also listed since this is a component they have in common.
Reagent Source Lattice Used For
Ambystan Lattice
Axolotl mobs like Otiosen (rare) or E’rnee duplicate etc
Ambystan Darter
Archetype of Metamorphosis
Aurelid Lattice
Jellyfish mobs like Hirukon (rare) or other Aurelid, etc
Archetype of Renewal
Terror Jelly
Bufonid Lattice
Frog mobs like Gorkek (rare) or Overgrown Bufonid and Accelerated Bufonid, etc
Cervid Lattice
Stag mobs like Chitali the Eldest (rare) or Native Cervid, etc
Geomental Lattice
Earth Elemental mobs like Tethos (rare) or Time-Scarred Geomental and Overgrown Geomental, etc
Archetype of Animation
Stabilized Geomental
Helicid Lattice
Snail mobs like Orixal (rare) or Accelerated Helicid and Overgrown Helicid, etc
Archetype of Vigilance
Bronze Helicid
Scarlet Helicid
Unsuccessful Prototype Fleetpod
Leporid Lattice
Rabbit mobs like the Clutch Guardian or Agitated Leponid
Archetype of Multiplicity
Leaping Leporid
Lupine Lattice
Wolf mobs like Vexis (rare) or Lupine Animate, etc
Poultrid Lattice
Appears to be a very low drop from Avian Nests (one of the repeatable treasures in the zone). Seems like an unusual source.
Archetype of Satisfaction
Violent Poultrid
Proto Avian Lattice
Mechanical bird mobs like the Mawtouched Avian or
Enhanced Avian. Picked mine up outside the raid.
Archetype of Motion
Raptora Lattice
Hawk mobs including the rares Garudeon and Tahkwitz, as well as Grasslands Raptora, etc
Scarabid Lattice
Beetle mobs including Hadeon the Stonebreaker (rare) and Sand Matriarch Ileus (rare).
Archetype of Survival
Fierce Scarabid
Tarachnid Lattice
Spider mobs including Mother Phestis (rare) or lesser Tarachnid mobs, etc
Unformed Lattice
Automa core mobs including the Destabilized Core (rare) or Adrift Core
Archetype of Focus
Omnipotential Core
Resonant Echo
Vespoid Lattice
Wasp mobs including the rares FeastingZatojin, or lesser mobs like Vespoid Overseer, etc
Viperid Lattice
Snake mobs like Furidian (rare), etc
Archetype of Cunning
Viperid Menace
Vombata Lattice
Vombata mobs like Sorranos (rare) or Vombata Matron, etc
Adorned Vombata
Curious Crystalsniffer
Darkened Vombata
Archetype of Discovery
Tunneling Vombata
  • Glimmer component imbues the body with a soul. These rare items are found in a wide variety of locations and easily identified by “Glimmer” specified in the name, like “Glimmer of Motion”.
Glimmer of Animation
Automa Protector mobs like the Cliff Reclaimer or Generated Automental
Archetype of Animation
Omnipotential Core
Glimmer of Cunning Spider mobs like Tarachnid and Tarachnid Eggs
Archetype of Cunning
Tunneling Vombata
Glimmer of Discovery
Annelid mobs like the rares Helmix and Furidian (see video) or common mobs like Annelid Mudborer
Archetype of Discovery
Glimmer of Focus
Ambystan Darter
Archetype of Focus
Glimmer of Malice Dreadlord mobs like Sav’thul or the rare General Zarathura
Archetype of Malice
Violent Poultrid
Glimmer of Metamorphosis
Mawsworn Spellcaster mobs like the Ebon Dominator on the north-east side of the Forge of the Afterlives
Archetype of Metamorphosis
Stabilized Geomental
Glimmer of Motion
Raptora mobs like the Desert Protector or  Desert Raptora.
Found mine on a Grasslands Rapora (37, 56) The Great Veldt
Archetype of Motion
Fierce Scarabid
Glimmer of Multiplicity
Minor mobs like the Vespoid Worker or Furious Vespoid
Archetype of Multiplicity
Glimmer of Predation
Devourer Elite mobs like the Dematerializing Worldeater
Archetype of Predation
Terror Jelly
Glimmer of Renewal Carnivorous Plant mobs like the Carnivorous Overgrowth in the Catalyst Gardens
Archetype of Renewal
Leaping Leporid
Glimmer of Satisfaction
Can appear in your bags after gaining the Well Fed buff in Zereth Mortis. Confirmed from eating the Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism or Empty Kettle of Stone Soup.
Archetype of Satisfaction
Glimmer of Serenity
Glimmer of Serenity looks like small glowing pyramids found on top of pillars and forges, etc.
/way 33.2 54.4
/way 34.5 71.4
/way 37.7 29.2
/way 41.2 79.7
/way 42, 33 and /way 44, 32 (see video)
/way 43.0 35.5
/way 46.9 11.2 Antecedent Isle
/way 49.2 2.0
/way 49.3 25.5
/way 50.0 11.0
/way 50.7 89.0
/way 51.2 28.3
/way 52 80
/way 64.5 39.1
/way 64.7 63.4
/way 64.8 33.8
Archetype of Serenity
Glimmer of Survival
Plant mobs like Creeping Brambles in the Catalyst Gardens
Archetype of Survival
Resonant Echo
Glimmer of Vigilance Overgrown Protector mobs like the Overgrown Bulwark or Overgrown Drifter in Catalyst Gardens.
Archetype of Vigilance
Viperid Menace
  • Genesis Motes are used to power the forge for each pet you create but require Dealic Understanding to see. They only drop a few at a time but thankfully drop from many different creatures and a few lootable objects in the zone. You will need to farm 18,400 Genesis Motes if you want to collect all the pets (8,550) and mounts (9,850).

If you find any additional sources, let me know below.

Multichicken - Pets from Eternity's End

Where to Find the Battle Pet Schematics

Fourteen battle pet schematics are scattered all over Zereth Mortis including a couple of the hidden Treasures of Zereth Mortis. If you loot any of the treasures without unlocking the Protoform Synthesis Forge, the schematic will spawn nearby once the forge is unlocked.

Locations of Crystallized Echo of the First Song (see video for all locations)
/way 77.60 59.01 – in the cave under the waterfall (same location as the Syntactic Vault)
/way 77.55 60.43 – under the waterfall on the south-west side of the island
/way 77.42 45.36 – on top of a waterfall on the north-west side of the island
/way 78.20 54.30 – on top of a small pillar
/way 78.28 53.10 – in the water under the bridge leading to the raid  – top of the waterfall


Lightless Tormentor – requires The Jailer’s Gauntlet: Layer 1 (Torghast)


E’rnee – starts with the quest Look Who I Found in Haven. Tamra’s questline is part of the Small Pet Problems storyline, which is part of the Path to Enlightenment achievement towards flying in Zereth Mortis.

E'rnee battle pet with Cymre Jones - Pets from Eternity's End

Pocopoc – Olea Manu sells Pocopoc Traveler for 500x Cyphers of the First Ones after completing the Jiro to Hero storyline. He can even use any of the 10 hats you’ve collected in Zereth Mortis. #winning

This isn’t the real Pocopoc, but it provided this replica to you for use outside Zereth Mortis. Its details are so accurate as to be utterly convincing to anyone who hasn’t spent lots of time with the real one.


Geordy – chance to be looted from an Ephemera Orb (see video)

Pet Battle

Ambystan Snapper
Aurelid Floater
Bloodsucker Vespoid
Bufonid Croaker
Emerald Scarabid
Enraged Poultrid – Use a macro to ‘/tar Agitated Poultrid’ then emote /chicken at it to trigger a pet battle.
Green Viperid
King Veperid
Mawtouched Geomental – requires the consumption of a Questionable Mawshroom
Metallic Scarabid
Momma Vombata – seems to be a rare spawn compared to the Vombata Pups. Eventually found mine right next to the Dimensional Falls at 50, 71. Found a second one at 44, 46 right by the huge forge.
Predatory Helicid
Proto Avian Fledgling
Red Viperid
Scarlet Proto Avian
Tarachnid Ambusher
Tarachnid Stalker
Timid Leporid
Venomous Bufonid
Vicious Leporid
Vombata Pup

I like the jellies and nods to our Australian wildlife which looks like a cross between a wombat and a koala. I mean, just look at the name. Did you find any of these Eternity’s End pets particularly hard to collect?