A new crafting system will be introduced in Patch 9.2 that will allow us to create up to twenty-eight battle pets through a new sub-profession called Protoform Synthesis.


Protoform Synthesis

Protoform Synthesis is similar to Junkyard Tinkering where you need to learn a heap of recipes to craft the new pets. Just like Mechagon, you can collect the reagents from the new zone – Zereth Mortis. The reagents are either BoA or unbound so will be an alt-friendly zone for many players.

Frog 1 Eternity's End Pets - 9.2


Lightless Tormentor – requires The Jailer’s Gauntlet: Layer 2 (Torghast)


Geordy – Anima Shell

Pet Battle

Ambystan Snapper
Aurelid Floater
Bloodsucker Vespoid
Bufonid Croaker
Emerald Scarabid
Enraged Poultrid
Green Viperid
King Veperid
Mawtouched Geomental
Metallic Scarabid
Momma Vombata
Predatory Gastropod
Proto Avian Fledgling
Red Viperid
Scarlet Proto Avian
Tarachnid Ambusher
Tarachnid Stalker
Timid Leporid
Venomous Bufonid
Vicious Leporid
Vombata Pup

I like the jellies and nods to the Australian wombat. Which pet are you looking forward to?

This post is a work in progress