The final twelve Pocopoc customizations have finally started dropping for Pocopoc. Before you can customise your little buddy, you just need to research the last talent (Visial) under the Metrial Core Systems tree of the Cypher Console panel. Then you can play around with all the different options you’ve collected under the Core Configuration Console located on the left side of Exile’s Hollow.

Pocopoc Customizations Panel

Body Colour

Pocopoc’s Bronze and Gold Body – Random treasure chests
Pocopoc’s Beryllium and Silver Body – Random treasure chests
Pocopoc’s Cobalt and Copper Body – Antros (Zereth Mortis World Boss)
Pocopoc’s Ruby and Platinum Body – Locked Provis Cache

Component Colour

Pocopoc’s Gold and Ruby Components – Prying Eye Discovery
Pocopoc’s Silver and Beryllium Components – Random treasure chests
Pocopoc’s Copper and Cobalt Components – Sandworn Chest
Pocopoc’s Platinum and Emerald Components – Sandworn Chest


Pocopoc’s Diamond Vambraces – Zereth Mortis rares
Pocopoc’s Face Decoration – Tribute of the Enlightened Elders (reward from the Patterns Within Patterns weekly quest)
Pocopoc’s Shielded Core – Discarded Automa Scrap
Pocopoc’s Upgraded Core – Discarded Automa Scrap

To learn a new customisation, click the item in your bag, then reopen the panel to see the new addition.

Do you have a favourite combo?