I hope you like snails and moths because you’ll be seeing a lot of them down here. There are two main achievements with the traditional treasure hunting we’ve come to know and love, as well as, a new type of dig that’s a little (or should I say a lot) on the nose.

Charred Egg from the Treasures of Zaralek Cavern

Treasures of Zaralek Cavern

Discover the ten hidden treasures within Zaralek Cavern.

Ancient Zaqali Chest – requires Bottled Magma

Bloody Body – requires the completion of The Ancient Bargain storyline which is the 4th chapter of the Embers of Neltharion campaign.

When I recorded the video, I was on the quests (Medicinal Fungi and Healing Crystals) for the Dragonscale Camp, but when I logged in the next morning, I could suddenly see the corpse on the ground. I had also picked up the Satiating Sharpbeak quest but hadn’t completed it yet.

Chest of the Flights – click the coloured gems in order

Long-Lost Cache – contained the Zaralek Surveyor’s Shawl

Seething Slug

Seething Cache – loot 3 Seething Orbs for 3 stacks of the Insidious Insight debuff in order to see the treasure. Rewards the Seething Slug

Do not leave the area or log out because you will lose the buff. 

Hotfixes May, 4th – Seething Cache now correctly cancels Insidious Insight on all players after being looted by the first player to reach it.

After the hotfix, there is no longer a 1 hr timer on the debuff. However, you will still lose your stacks if someone loots the chest first. Not sure how this will make people less salty.

Hotfixes May, 8th – In Zaralek Cavern, all players with at least one stack of Insidious Insight will now receive a message indicating when another player has claimed the Seething Cache.

When I looted my 3rd orb, I flew to the location of the chest which is pretty much a larger version of the seething orb and had no issues seeing the chest.

Seething Orb locations
/way #2133 25.24 44.80
/way #2133 26.70 47.00
/way #2133 27.66 49.01
/way #2133 27.95 51.21
/way #2133 28.75 55.30
/way #2133 29.02 41.94
/way #2133 29.15 42.50
/way #2133 29.95 47.97
/way #2133 30.20 40.00
/way #2133 31.18 51.95
/way #2133 32.72 52.23
/way #2133 32.82 52.13
/way #2133 34.41 45.71
/way #2133 35.63 48.77
/way #2133 35.79 41.39
/way #2133 36.20 44.01
/way #2133 37.59 46.72

Blazing Shadowflame Chest – requires an old vanilla item and rewards the Blazing Shadowflame Cinder

Charred Egg – located in a nest on top of a ledge

Crystal-Encased Chest – contains the Volatile Crystal Shard

Old Trunk – requires the Old Trunk Key to open. Not sure if there are more locations so a macro comes in handy here: /tar thieving The trunk contains Drogbar Rocks

Well-Chewed Chest – requires the Scorching Key to open

Additional Treasures

Struggling Mothling – help the Struggling Mothling soar like the other moths in the vicinity. The Underlight Globe can be looted from the Moth-Pilfered Pouch.

Dreamer’s Bounty – needs a debuff to open

Fealty’s Reward – interact with the dragon statue


Sniffenseek is a new type of treasure hunt in Zaralek Cavern that’s unlocked soon after you complete the first chapter of the Embers of Neltharion campaign. The Niffen may not see very well but their sense of smell sure makes up for it. Each week you can complete a maximum of three sniffenseek digs with the help of Myrrit located in Loamm. Most are short puzzles that require a bit of logic and shouldn’t take more than 5mins to solve. Although you can start a dig below level 70, you won’t get credit for completing the scenario until you’re max level.

Extra Dig Maps

With each reset, you’ll be able to go on one free dig by just talking to Myrrit. Two more maps can be picked up each week.


Proof of Myrrit

Complete the following Sniffenseek digs alongside a niffen companion after learning the basics from the tutorial – Brand New Digs.

There is also a Sniffenseeking meta-achievement, A Niffen’s Best Buddy, which grants the title %s, Sniffenseeker:

  • Sniffen Sage – Sniff out all possible special items while going into Sniffenseeking adventures
  • He’sSss All Mine – Obtain the Battle Pet Salverun by completing the Ouroboros Tablet ritual (items obtained from Sniffenseeking reward bags)
  • Complete 50 digs for the Can You Dig It? achievement.