Burgy Blackheart is the rare that spawns in the Abyssal Depths of the Shimmering Expanse. You can find him walking around a small circuit or inside his shipwreck. He drops Burgy Blackheart’s Handsome Hat which will turn you into a ghostly version of the owner. He will increase your size by around 25%. There is no CD and you’ll keep the effect as long as you have the hat on.

His three abilities are:

Brittle Touch – removes your armour and turns you into a skeleton (only in melee range)
Parrrley! – Shoots at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage on yarrr target.
Swashbuckling Slice – A strong attack that increases melee damage by 10%.

burgy chop Burgy Blackheart

Burgy Blackheart says: Seriously. Feast away. I’m quite beautiful.

burgy stars Burgy Blackheart

Maybe it was Burgy trying to kill me or perhaps it was the big fish about to eat me…

burgy brittle Burgy Blackheart

Brittle Touch debuff which turns you into a skeleton

Feast ye eyes upon the dreadful, clever, all-powerfull, hate-filled, sword-swignin’, face-punchin’, insult-flingin’, and all around handsome, BURGY BLACKHEART.

burgy dance Burgy Blackheart

Burgy Do the Hustle

Things to note

  • The form disappears through Druid shapeshifting or ghost wolfing. When you revert back to your default form you will look as you normally do without the hat showing, meaning you will need to remove the hat and re-equip it after changing forms to be a ghost gnome again.
  • Don’t log out with the hat on in flight form as you might fall to your death when logging back in. Same thing when switching the hat with your normal helm while flying as it will automatically dismount you.

Things to try

  • It stacks with giant feasts. Become a massive gnome when mounting a mammoth.
  • If you cast running wild, then equip the hat while casting, you will be a very fast gnome. If you take the hat off, you will be a Worgen that runs very fast when not on all fours.
  • The next time you turn into a chicken through engineering, you can equip the hat and mount up. It will remove the debuff. You’re welcome! :P

So there you go. Why not have some fun while you Succumb to the curse of Burgy Blackheart.