The Bones of Transformation is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 450 skill to find and 150 Night Elf Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to three [Highborne Scroll] keystones may be used to complete it.

When activated, the player transforms into the appearance of a Naz’jar Honor Guard lasting 20secs with a 10 minute CD. Attacking will cancel the effect.

“These bones show a curious mixture of humanoid arms and serpentine tail, convincing you that they are probably from a naga. What is more interesting is that the skeleton has been articulated and posed as if it was once displayed in a museum.”

“When the first Well of Eternity imploded, it sank the center of kaldorei culture to the bottom of the sea. To escape certain doom, Queen Azshara made a pact with a greater power, possibly an Old God or an elemental. As a result, a curse descended upon the surviving Highborne, who became twisted, serpent-like creatures now known as the naga.”

naga Bones of Transformation

Look like a Naz’jar Honor Guard

naga roar Bones of Transformation


naga swim Bones of Transformation

You can even swim like one in Vashj’ir

Things to note

  • Pretty much doing anything in this form will break the illusion (including using the Orb of Deception);
  • When using underwater there is no underwater breathing or swim speed increase.