critter wars Critter Wars

On the border of Mulgore, Desolace and Stonetalon Mountains there’s a rather large plateau which seems rather peaceful but on closer inspection tells a very different story. It makes me wonder what happened here to make these seemingly normal looking mice, rabbits and prairie dogs mutate into something unexpected. I’ve heard of fighting cats and dogs but this is something you need to see to be believed.

The critters randomly mutate by growing a lot larger than normal, some suddenly sporting helmets and other weapons to do battle or exterminate other species.

three Critter Wars

Beware of battle-armoured prairie dogs with spiked pit helmets and daggers, axe-wielding rabbits ready to pounce on unsuspecting enemies and how about those mice wearing skull helmets and dual-wielding shotguns.

prairie dog mutated Critter Wars

rabbit mutated Critter Wars

white mouse Critter Wars

Perhaps just one of many easter eggs discovered by players or something to look forward to in Mists. Either way, I’m sure they had fun adding this in-game.