In Tides of Vengeance, we’ll be getting a new pet battle dungeon, an updated Smoochums model (which was later reverted back to its fluffy spectral model) and a whole heap of pets to add to our collections.


If you enjoyed the Family Familiar achievements, get ready for another round with the tamers from BfA. Completing the meta rewards the Wicker Wraith. For strategies, check out my Family Battler playlist.

Darkshore Warfront

DropEnchantedTikiMask Tides of Vengeance Pets - 8.1

Faction Assault

Look for the world quest Battle Bots during the Faction Assault in Vol’dun. Two elites (Dookthar the Destroyer and Arachni) will be battling it out on a bridge (41.84. 42.32) but you can speed up the process by handing in Alkalescent Salt as part of the WQ. This fills up their energy bar giving them more energy to win. The winning side can loot a cache containing one of three materials needed to build the pet below:

rebuilt gorilla bot Tides of Vengeance Pets - 8.1

Rebuilt Gorilla Bot (A)- collect 3 items from Dookthar the Destroyer

Rebuilt Mechanical Spiderrebuilt mechanical spider Tides of Vengeance Pets - 8.1 (H) – collect 3 items from Arachni

You can sometimes hand in salt and loot the barrel in the middle of the bridge even if the WQ isn’t up. (see video)


AlarmoDog Tides of Vengeance Pets - 8.1

The pet battle dungeon has several new pets which can be purchased from the vendor, in addition to the one you receive after completing the scenario on challenge mode. Check out the playlist if you’re interested in any of my strategies.

Paragon Reputation

Once exalted, you’ll have a chance to collect four additional pets from the bonus reputation caches.

Island Expeditions Drops

Island Expedition Vendor

CrankyCrab Tides of Vengeance Pets - 8.1

A new vendor (Captain Klarisa – Alliance, Captain Zen’taga – Horde) will be located by the Island Expedition table in each capital city (see video)

Zandalari Raptors

Two faction pets, one rare drop and a fourth wild pet to collect (see video)


Lastly, if you’re about to max out on space, there’s a new journal upgrade coming. The Interdimensional Pet Portal will allow you to store up to 2000 pets in your collection.

Are you excited by any of these additions?