I’ve been searching for this staff since the beta as it was one of the few lost treasures I really wanted to find. Tonight my search was finally over. Feeling somewhat lucky after taming Savage yesterday, I thought I’d do some questing in the Valley. It wasn’t long before the quests led me to the Hidden Master so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check all the spawn spots for this lost treasure.

I was only familiar with a couple of the spots from what I’d seen on Wowhead. For the next two hours, I made sure I checked each coordinate btwn killing the same mobs over and over, collecting eggs and finishing my trials.

After completing the chain, I decided to check each spawn spot one last time so I started killing the beasts around the first set of trees. Knowing I was on the wrong side of the tree, I hovered my mouse around the base and couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw the ‘Staff of the Hidden Master‘ text come up. CRAP! I had to kill these things bloody quick!

StaffAggro Staff of the Hidden Master

Eye on the prize

I killed the handful of mobs while manoeuvring myself in an attempt to take a pic of the staff before someone came along and grabbed it before I could. Luckily, no one did.

Staff of the Hidden Master on the back of a female Blood Elf
Staff of the Hidden Master with a beer kegFemale Blood Elf holding the Staff of the Hidden Master

If only I had a staff to mog. =/