Pet Battle World Quests follow the Legion style of questing so you will always see the NPCs to complete the Battle on Zandalar and Kul Tiras but you will only be able to battle the active ones that day. The most interesting thing to note is the scaling feature trialled in Legion meaning the team will match the highest pet level on your team. There are quite a few new abilities including a variation of an old one but I won’t point them out in case you want to be surprised. It was a little perplexing and cool to see them in action since I didn’t know their abilities beforehand.

Accidental Dread Add More to the Collection
Automated Chaos Captured Evil
Crab People Critters are Friends, Not Food
Crawg in the Bog Desert Survivors
Keeyo’s Champions of Vol’dun Marshdwellers
Night Horrors Not So Bad Down Here
Pack Leader Rogue Azerite
Sea Creatures Are Weird Strange Looking Dogs
Snakes on a Terrace Small Beginnings
That’s a Big Carcass This Little Piggy Has Sharp Tusks
Unbreakable What Do You Mean, Mind Controlling Plants?
What’s the Buzz? You’ve Never Seen Jammer Upset

With 4 tamers in each zone, you will only need to complete 20 of the world quests for the Battle on Zandalar and Kul Tiras achievement. Note you’ll need to use a full team of 25’s so you may as well get those out of the way before you try any levelling strats. Unfortunately, there’s not much pet XP to gain from these but if you’re doing them anyway, it all adds up… slowly. This achievement rewards the Laser Pointer toy.

To see my strategies, click on any of the tamers below or head to my YouTube channel. As always, the rematch strings are available as a Patreon perk for these and other challenges.


Captain Hermes

Captain Hermes – Crab People
Location: Falconhurst

Shelly (aquatic) – Pinch, Spiny Carapace, Whirlpool
Sheldon (aquatic) – Water Jet, Dive, Cleansing Rain
Shelby (aquatic) – Cleansing Rain, Tidal Wave, Surge

Michael Skarn

Michael Skarn – What’s the Buzz?
Location: Carver’s Harbor – on the far side of the bumblebee area (beware of the Alliance guard patrol)

Bumble B. (flying) – Sting, Slicing Wind, Cocoon Strike
Fris B. (flying) – Sting, Swarm of Bees, Slicing Wind
Busy B. (flying) – Sting, Slicing Wind, Amber Prison

Fizzie Sparkwhistle
Fizzie Sparkwhistle – Rogue Azerite
Location: Arom’s Stand by the elementals

Azerite Slime (elemental) – Ooze Touch, Azerite Spike, Call Darkness
Azerite Geode (elemental) – Boulder Toss, Thorns, Rock Barrage
Azerite Elemental (elemental) – Pound, Quicksand, Azerite Bolt

Dilbert McClint

Dilbert McClint – Night Horrors
Location: between the spiders and Gol Koval

Atherton (beast) – Mangle, Burrow, Blinding Poison
Bybee (beast) – Poison Fang, Sticky Web, Spiderling Swarm
Jennings (beast) – Bite, Huge Fang, Feed

Stormsong Valley


Bristlespine – This Little Piggy Has Sharp Tusks
Location: Quilltop

Bristlespine (beast) – Horn Gore, Exposed Wounds, Lumbering Charge

Eddie Fixit
Eddie Fixit – Automated Chaos
Location: The Jeweled Coast

“Upgraded” Nightmare Weaver (mechanical) – Multi-Stab, Terrify, Zap
“Repaired” Portable Fire Starter (mechanical) – Metal Fist, Quaking Drill, Flame Cannon
“Fixed” Remote Control Rocket Chicken (mechanical) – The Big One, Full Team Repair

Ellie Vern

Ellie Vern – Sea Creatures Are Weird

Reanimated Kraken Tentacle (magic) – Tentacle Slap, Grasp, Squeeze
Corrupted Slime (magic) – Ooze Touch, Weakness, Sticky Goo
Dead Deckhand Leonard (undead) – Sweep, Siphon Life, Death Coil

Leana Darkwind

Leana Darkwind – Captured Evil
Location: Shrine of the Storm

Lesser Charged Gale (elemental) – Thunderbolt, Zap, Rain Dance
Lesser Twisted Current (aquatic) – Void Cyclone, Water Jet, Toxic Skin
Mind Warper (magic) – Shadow Shock, Darkflame, Counterspell

Tiragarde Sound


Chitara -Unbreakable
Location: The Wailing Tideway

Unbreakable Shell: Chitara’s unbreakable shell grows more brittle every time it takes damage.
Damage taken reduced by 100% until 5 attacks are made against Chitana’s shell.

Chitara (beast) – Thrash, Headbutt, Barbed Stinger


Kwint – Not So Bad Down Here
Location: underwater

Chum (beast) – Megalodon, Deep Bite, Swallow You Whole
Bruce (aquatic) – Bash, Deep Bite, Carpnado
Maws Jr. (beast) – Huge, Sharp Teeth!, Blood in the Water, Ravage

Delia Hanako

Delia Hanako – That’s a Big Carcass
Location: Driftwood Shore

Fungus (aquatic) – Toxic Bite, Poison Spit, Poison Fang
Murray (aquatic) – Tail Sweep, Carpnado, Cleansing Rain
Old Blue (aquatic) – Pinch, Whirlpool, Rain Dance

Burly – Strange Looking Dogs
Location: Highland Trail crossroads, north of Hatherford

Timbo (undead) – Howl, Infected Claw, Feed
Pokey (undead) – Rabid Strike, Feign Death, Curse of Doom
Burly Jr. (undead) – Horn Gore, Corpse Explosion, Bone Barrage


BloodtuskBloodtusk – Crawg in the Bog
Location: The Fallen Outpost

Evolution – Bloodtusk will heal to full health and gain 50% speed and 25% power if it kills an enemy.
Bloodtusk (beast) – Evolving Bite

Grady Prett

Grady Prett – Pack Leader
Location: Terrace of Sorrows

Delta (beast) – Thrash, Black Claw, Hunting Party
Scars (undead) – Bone Bite, BONESTORM, Bone Barrage
Little Blue (beast) – Bite, Rip, Primal Cry

Korval Darkbeard

Korval Darkbeard – Accidental Dread
Location: The Dreadmire

Feathers (flying) – Quills, Lift-Off, Nocturnal Strike
Splat (critter) – Bite, Burst, Toxic Skin
Brite (flying) – Slicing Wind, Cyclone, Flyby

LozuLozu – Marshdwellers
Location: Frogmarsh (inside a cave)

Lilly (aquatic) – Tongue Lash, Eat the Fly, Toxic Skin
Molaze (flying) – Slicing Wind, Screech, Wind Buffet
Ticker (flying) – Claw, Bloodfang, Cocoon Strike



Keeyo – Keeyo’s Champions of Vol’dun
Location: Vulpera Hideaway

Buzzbeak (flying) – Peck, Feed, Hawk Eye
Tikka (beast) – Rip, Toxic Bite, Dust Cloud
Milo (critter) – Skitter, Sticky Web, Leech Life


Kusa – Desert Survivors
Location: Court of Zak’rajan

Beets (critter) – Quick Attack, Stampede, Sandstorm
Rawly (critter) – Powerball, Burrow, Rip
Stinger (critter) – Pinch, Shell Shield, Barbed Stinger

Sizzik – Snakes on a Terrace
Location: southern entrance of the Sanctuary of the Devoted at the Terrace of the Devoted

Clubber (Flying) – Peck, Stunning Peck
Squirt (Critter) – Chomp, Dive, Shell Shield
Squeezer (Critter) – Pinch, Bubble, Renewing Mist


Spineleaf – What Do You Mean, Mind Controlling Plants?
Location: The Cracked Coast

Disruptive Spores – The spores on the lasher disrupt the enemy’s concentration, causing each ability to become locked out and unusable for 6 rounds.

Spineleaf (elemental) – Lash, Spore Shrooms, Photosynthesis



Karaga – Critters are Friends, Not Food
Location: Savagelands

Lazy (beast) – Bite, Toxic Bite, Rip
Spokes (flying) – Alpha Strike, Cyclone, Confusing Sting
Skeeto (flying) – Flock, Slicing Wind, Glowing Toxin


Jammer – You’ve Never Seen Jammer Upset
Location: Skyrender Eyrie

Jammer (beast) – Trihorn Charge, Trihorn Shield, Tail Smash

Talia Sparkbrow

Talia Sparkbrow – Add More to the Collection
Location: Old Merchant Road

Eighty Eight (critter) – Skitter, Sticky Web, Spiderling Swarm
Turbo (beast) – Bite, Black Claw, Vengeance
Whiplash (flying) – Savage Talon, Sandstorm, Cocoon Strike


Zujai – Small Beginnings
Location: by the road, slightly north of the Garden of the Loa (Horde flight path)

Scales (critter) – Lash, Hiss, Blinding Poison
Breaker (flying) – Peck, Squawk, Headbutt
Stickers (aquatic) – Frog Kiss, Acid Rain, Croak

Are you looking forward to this achievement?